December 2, 1995


The mind exists in order to co-ordinate everything you learn and which must be put into practice. The mind is a valuable servant and an irreplaceable worker, but it should never become a master and an engineer. Use the mind to put the knowledge you have into operation at the moment it is needed, use the mind to perform the sorting out of the pure and bright thoughts and cast aside the dark and useless ones. Emotions and will are the driving force, which you use in order to move on; but without control of the mind, this force can turn out to be catastrophic.

Don't act in a hot-headed manner. There is imbalance then, the balance should firstly be restored and afterwards the mind will be able to act, having correct directions and instructions. Because the mind is just an organ, if it takes wrong instructions from a troubled mental state, it will lead to wrong actions. This seems a paradox to people, because they think that they are acting correctly, since their mind is functioning at full capacity. But they have received the wrong order, they do not think of this.

Every action demands calmness and balance. It's better for someone to postpone every move, learn to wait in order for all damage to be restored, before he does anything. Look at a car: no matter how good the driver is, the car must be completely repaired before it starts, otherwise it will cause accidents both to the one who is driving it and to some others who are not at fault.

Learn then to keep calm and to wait for the storm to abate in order to take the next step. Before you decide definitely about what lesson there was to learn this time, let time pass, rethink the conditions, see the situation from a distance. Hasty conclusions and much more so, hasty reactions create additional problems, instead of solving the ones that had arisen.

A good driver must firstly be cool, so that when the need arises, he will be able to do what must be done. How few are truly good drivers of the vehicle of their lives! They are all in a hurry to show off how fast they can go, but they forget to check their brakes and overestimate their reflexes, and there you have so many ending up over the cliff so easily, sweeping down the innocent with them as well.

Let's be taught by life on the physical plane in order to avoid accidents in the spiritual plane as well. The mind as a faithful and untiring servant must check and select our movements, our thoughts and our emotions. Our attention must accompany us, vigilant, throughout the course of this life of ours, and let's not get carried away with a foolish demonstration of the powers that are not subject to our control.

Don't be afraid of mistakes. The love of God forgives even the silliest mistakes, when the disciple really wants to advance and develop. The patience of Heaven is infinite and boundless, and the patience of the disciple should be its equivalent. Don't overstress the mistake, because that way you give power to the forces of Evil.

The disciple must be calm and cheerful even in the midst of the greatest misfortunes, because in that way he attracts the bright spirits to his side. As long as you stick to the mistake, you give it power and weight and you darken your aura, with the result of making repeated mistakes. The sooner you abandon the mistake, the sooner you will get away from the nets of darkness and will return to the right way.

The disciple knows and recognizes the mistake immediately. You don't need to discuss it, because then you carry the negative vibrations to your interlocutor too. Avoid discussions on issues, which do not convey divine wisdom and pure and clear thoughts, because the only thing accomplished in that way is for evil to spread and perpetuate.

If you can correct the mistake, do it without discussions and aimless words, and if you can't correct it, ask God to do it for you, and quickly move on, until you feel that the Light is your guide again and you are on the right path. Don't look back, like Lot, leave the sinful city as fast as you can. Don't worry about the losses and see to saving your self. By calling the Powers of God, you entrust the situation in the best of hands, don't try to rectify it by yourself, because then you may inflict even greater damage. Even the most virtuous intentions in the hands of non-appropriate people can lead to great misfortunes.

Ask from God to be present in every moment, from the happiest to the saddest, of your life. Call God in every manifestation, ask him to be always present in whatever you do, and be sure that all problems will be solved in the most proper way. Entrust your decisions to God, ask Him to lead you in your every step, because only then will you know that you are safe and protected from every pitfall and misfortune.

Share your anguish with God, let Him carry your cross, the burden will be lifted from your shoulders immediately. Make God a participant in your happiness, in your passionate love, and then the light within you will become even brighter.

Be sure that every thought can be controlled and banished from your mind, so don't allow dark thoughts to take you over. Even when you feel too weak to beat them, try to push them away, think of something bright and pure, pray, and after a while you'll realize that they have disappeared by themselves, because you didn't allow them to find space and take root. Keep on repeating the holy words the Lord revealed to you, and let them work by themselves, even when you feel completely powerless to try. Let the Power fight for you and you will surely be a winner.

You ask for the perfect and eternal Love. Become worthy of it, fight for it, get your hands dirty, feel pain, get hurt; only in that way will you earn it, with pain, with toil, with mistakes, with defeats and victories. You wished for it, and that has already put you on the path. Go forward, act bravely and magnanimously, forgive, love, even imperfectly. Bring your powers together and trust your fate to God. Your destiny is wonderful! The light your eternal assistant.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


(continued from the previous letter)

"Failure" shows that the time of maturation has not yet come. It does not mean that you should resign from what you are doing, but on the contrary you should carry on cultivating and wait for it to mature and give fruits. You cannot know when it is the right time unless you try. Just like a food, you do not know when it is ready if you do not try it. As in cooking, the lack of taste does not mean that the food is a failure, but it means that you have to wait till it is cooked properly, the same goes for ..... In reality failures are tastes of an uncooked food, which do not mean that this food is not good. Learn to wait. Don't be afraid of trying from time to time.

And if you do not “succeed”, do not throw the food away! Continue having it on the heat, watching over it, taking care of it until the time comes you see it ready. Don't hesitate to change something that is not going well, that is the reason you try it anyway, to add some water, salt or pepper if needed; this does not mean that whatever you have prepared is wasted or is not good.

Take care of your (talent) as if you educate a child. Just like thoughts and emotions, it is also for the universe a “child” of yours who must have the perfect education, morals and culture as well as all the practical provisions in order to face unforeseen difficulties. Take care of and anticipate for the future, and you will be glad when the others are crying and panicking over the storms.

Cultivate the fortune of God, like the good farmer of the parable. Tears and pain are the seeds of good plants, like work, commitment, the wish for perfection. Don't forget that bright days are waiting for you, toil is always rewarded and love brings love.

You are entering into new bright eras! God is always near you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov