December 22, 1995
(a few days before Christmas)


Let your heart be a blank page where the words of God will be written down. Don't allow other elements to blacken the space that is destined to accept the divine light.

God knows your needs earlier and better than you do and takes care of you, so that you will not feel pain, not fall into bad hands, not get hurt. Like a worthy father, and the wisest of all, He protects and offers.

You went through something (he means an injury to the leg), that is common among people, with the least possible damage, and because we know that you could not bear more restriction. It came during the period when you had to go out, so that you would not experience the inner isolation, which you cannot endure. Therefore take it as a blessing, as luck and not as misfortune.

Through this you are given the opportunity to re-appreciate things, which you took for granted and that did not give you much pleasure any more. The storm waters the soil for grass to sprout even greener and brighter in the sun. Nothing remains the same, and evil is just a change of phase, a stop off point in the eternal bright way.

You have the opportunity to heal yourself. You do not love yourself, that is why you feel alone; you think that the others do not love you. You don't have the need for any love other than the one you already have, your Creator's. Do not confuse the love of humans with security. You have lived painful lives, that is why you seek power through the power of love – but human feelings cannot achieve this.

Only the Eternal and Absolute Love of God can heal this old wound. Turn to God and forgive the people who cannot respond to your quest. Do not distance yourself feeling hurt, because you do them harm. Show them what true, stable and generous love can mean and perhaps this will make them also want to acquire it themselves.

It is hard that someone does not respond to your high expectations, but you should appear magnanimous, like your God.

Turn to the Source and free the rivulets from your expectations.

Pride may reach selfishness, and then it destroys each remarkable and effortful deed. Humbleness means being just as divine as human, just as great as small, just as equal to God as to the ant.

No man, whatever authority he possesses or deed he has succeeded, is more notable. Do not overestimate earthly attributes, because in that way you miss opportunities, like the one recently (he means a specific incident).

Do not be sad about the delays, because this is what it is all about. Nobody has the power to foresee the future of human beings, only God knows this, deep within Him. And only he can change it, like a merciful and wise Father.

Don't be frightened by the words of people who practice a job which is not theirs (he means the contemporary astrologers).

Don't let the flame of faith burn out. Faith is not only towards the Creator, but towards the Creations as well. Whatever you do, do it with faith, commitment and love, face it therefore with the appropriate admiration and respect.

Appreciate, admire and elevate your self so much as to become humble like a simple leaf, like a sunray, like a wave, things simple and humble, but also irreplaceable and wonderful. Who can create a leaf? Who can allege that it is not something perfect and admirable? Who can despise it?

Don't despise yourself and your task, because it is as if you despise your Creator and His deed. Approach people without thinking that you burden them, ask from them and offer to them. It is not necessary to have a balance in actions and emotions, trust the overall equilibrium of the Universe and the Justice of the Highest Hierarchy.

Your metaphysical way is very open and clear, you know the trial and its meaning during the very moment you experience it, and it is not easy for you to be misled any more. Do not confuse the Truth with the conditions of the trial, so as not to come up with unfair disappointments.

M., (he addresses a friend) your way is open. You offer love and help and your deed is appreciated by the Fathers. Enjoy the love and favour you encounter around you. Keep on taking care of those who are close to you, turn your prayer to those who need it. Unshakable faith is a blessing especially to those who feel it.

Don't get carried away into enthusiastic conveyance of the words of God to people who are not ready to accept them, because then they convey their doubts to you. Lower vibrations are sometimes stronger, so protect yourselves.

Become optimistic. God's way always leads to the Light, there is no going back. The river always flows towards the ocean, be certain that the Ocean of God 's Love is your direction. Enjoy the present with the certainty of an even better future. Threats, fear, punishments are not for you any more. Whoever knows the Wonderful and the Eternal so well, can do nothing but depict it in every image of his eyes and every thought of his mind. Love is catalytic for any "disaster" or "misfortune". Whoever saw once, can never close his eyes ever again, because Light is the End and the Beginning, the Eternal and the Present, the Existence.

Together with me you can beat every moment that ties your thought down to troubled realities, with me you can walk along without anxiety about this or the other world, because you know that the Truth is Eternal and Omnipotent. Let my Birth be once more a symbol of spiritual rebirth and infusion of strength in your heart. Go back to these words whenever you need to and you will draw new power every time. God is always near you in power and in weakness, in victory and in defeat, in light and in darkness.