December 1, 1995


Be happy when the outcome of your life is in the hands of God, because then everything conduces towards better progress. Believe that your fate will be wonderful, don't lose courage, because soon everything will become bright in front of you again.

Show courage through the trial, believe that everything is in accordance with God's will and is for the best for you. Don't trust your sight because it is short and unreliable. Trust the Light and your trust will be rewarded.

Experience the trial, do not avoid it. Let the pain teach you what God wants to tell you, accept the "martyrdom" with joy because that is what will save you. God sends you exactly the lessons you need and are able to bear. No lesson exceeds your powers, no pain can crush you unless you allow it to. Only your self can pin you down, exercises always come in order to take you further forward.

Don't become poor and needy. You must behave bravely and generously, as Heaven behaves towards you. Wipe fear and needs out of your mind, be assured of divine Providence and you will see the dark tunnel coming to its end.

Show only love. Give away love to those that hurt, send bright thoughts to those who wound you. Reciprocate with love every pain you are given, and God will redeem your offering.

Don't get carried away to pessimistic thoughts that don't suit you. You have God, the Light, and the Masters near you, let this be enough to fill your life with joy and harmony.

Don't neglect your deed. Don't connect it with the other things in your life and do not allow any other thought or emotion to stigmatize it. Your task is difficult and to be judged capable of it demands many trials. No matter what happens though, close your eyes and ears, commit to the vision and let it live. Don't expect to take, give without asking for return, this is the responsibility of the disciples of the divine Teaching.

God knows your pain, and his Love is a doctor. We all suffer with your pain, but it is necessary for your evolution. Let our words soften this pain and you must also try to heal your self by acting bravely.

Hold yourself high. Do not bend now. You must endure because we all want to see you Winner of the Light. Learn from the past, remember your victories and show that you are worthy of them. Show patience. Things are not as bad as you now think, separate the Trial from the Truth, this will give you courage.

Leave your thought far away and fill your mind with bright words and pure emotions. Time brings gifts to those who do not refuse to fight. You have the opportunity to solve your karma and this is a blessing. Be happy that God is trying you and is showing you the way. Your pain will turn into a blessing as soon as the horizon clears. Keep your soul in the Ark and soon the pigeon will bring you joyful news with an olive tree branch.

Don't be afraid of loneliness, because you are not alone. Nobody loses anything of what he has truly gained, so see to winning the love you dream of. Train your love like a real child, consolidate it, make it strong, and when it resides within yourself, then God will reside with it as well.

Rest, pray so that the Light returns within you.

The Master