February 23, 1999


When you try to give answers for what you have "pre-decided", then you simply recycle what exists within yourself, by choosing to "see" external signs which correspond to it. This is the case where the signs do not show you God's way but they return you to your self. It is very important for someone not to seek signs, when his fears – or his hyper-optimism, or any other emotion – are present, because the environment will simply reflect these very signs, so that man will return to the same starting point instead of taking a step forward.

What someone ought to do is first organize his "inside", because no help is effective if man himself is not ready for it. Besides, as you have noticed, steps follow an effort of yours to put things on a correct basis.

What you must bear in mind is that everything exists within yourself and starts from there. No other person or object offers you a "unique" opportunity for a certain experience. Your Self is the Creator, because your Self is God, and everything starts from there. Beauty, happiness, interest, everything starts from you. Even if everything around you disappears, you, by yourself can create a Universe. This is the Creation of God, of the One, who from within His Self alone, created the Universe out of nothing (no-thing). Man creates his own universe in the likeness of God, initially through the way of self knowledge.

When he is deprived of all the subsidiary elements, he will then realize the essence of the Beginning out of the One. The One denotes the Unit in which (inside which) the uni-verse exists. The Soul is unable to realize this, if it continues its way by "leaning" on things which are outside itself. Through deprivation it finds its strength, it finds the unique way that leads to the divine Creation. And there the Soul coincides with its Self.

He who dares to divest his Self of all the elements with which he has "built" it in the course of life, he himself can solely reach the Truth. He, who divides successively, he himself will manage to abolish matter, and face the a-tom (the element which Democritus defined as that which cannot be divided any more). Then the atom (he means the atom-person) will recognize its Self, which will not identify with anything from the partials , since they will have been abolished, but it will be that Power which, having permeated them and by attracting them, makes them exist. Then the Self will be the Creator who "infused a breath into the soil" and made it His creation. This same Power can co-unite everything in infinite forms, but only if and as long as it knows that it does not identify with these forms, does it become conscious of itself. And only then can it remove its self-limitation and experience its freedom. For however long the Creator – or the Creatress (Power) - is identified with, meaning it is self-defined as the created, creation stops, because the creating Power is self-abolished, since it gives another name and content to its Self, other than what it is. Then, it needs to be divided indefinitely, so as to redefine its atom character, namely its separativeness from its creation. Then, it redefines its Self and the capability of creation, which had been temporarily lifted because of self-entrapment, comes again from within. And then, the structural concepts of freedom, happiness, joy and creativity are re-defined.

This is your Way, the Way of Being and not of Having. (…) Your Universe can exist there, where the limits of form are lifted.

The Son