March 29, 1999


What is important and you must remember in all cases of inner quest and doubt is that the Deed does not become known in advance to the people who have undertaken it, simply each time something has to be done or they must be somewhere, then they know it inwardly, because it is clearly revealed to them. Besides, on an earthly level too, those who work in Services with Plans of High Destination, do not know exactly what has been organized, not even who they are cooperating with, let alone who the ones in charge are, and of course this is valid not because there is no trust towards each "worker" of the Deed, but for established reasons of security in every direction – even for the "worker" himself to be safeguarded as well.

So, the fact that you do not know what is going on exactly, what the course of the Deed is and which aim you serve in it exactly, should neither preoccupy you, nor cause you to mistrust. Because, when you must act in some way, everything is programmed in a way that it appears clearly in front of you with an explicit "order". Don't worry, therefore, about decision making, since it is not something that is up to you. Whoever work for the Deed of the Universal White Brotherhood don't have any choices other than whether they wish to continue or wish to break away. If the first choice is valid, then they should feel certain that the Voice will guide them internally to where they must be each time. They must also always remember that their life is very useful, their presence in this phase precious and irreplaceable and their help important. They should neither have doubts about themselves, nor seek some meaning in life different from the one that has already appeared. He, who does not believe in himself cannot believe in God because the self is a piece of God, unique and irreplaceable, just like every star in the sky is distinct and precious.

I'd also like to talk to you about another issue:

Conscience is what guides Man's steps on this Earth. Conscience differentiates him from other beings, which have a Soul, but do not have a Conscience, and that's why they function with the lower five or six energy centres. The "Crowning Touch" of Creation – Man – as a symbol means exactly this: that Man acquired the "crowning" seventh centre, the centre of Conscience, which can lead him to the assimilation with God. The stages of evolution are exactly the ones that lead all species towards their initial form, which you can imagine as dematerialization. This state of dematerialization, namely the total recall to a plane of pure energy, is what Men know as one side of their lives: the Soul and the Spirit. On the other hand, they know the Matter, the Body and everything tangible (even the senses, namely those they receive through the organs of the senses or the emotions). This is the Nature of Man, what Jesus meant by calling them Sons of God and Sons of Man: the Conscience of the two, non homogeneous poles, of Matter and of Non Matter. This bipolarity characterizes every situation Man perceives or experiences and cannot get away from it, except only intellectually, meaning not substantially. Of course that does not mean that polarization is the initial and unique state. On the contrary, it is the state subsequent to the initial unity, and the pre-stage leading back to the One.

It is only natural and expected that people cannot understand exactly the concept of the One, besides they are not asked to do so, but they should know the transitory nature of their existence, as they experience it in this earthly world.

I would also like to refer to another issue too.

Eros is the safety valve for the attainment of the Work of God. Eros is the power that holds man together with the object – whether the latter is a person or a situation – and as such, it internally ensures the continuous presence of the "worker" in the place he should be. Just like the mother, who through the unappeased eros towards the newly-born child, remains attached to it, ensuring its survival, also in this way man feels eros for anything that must continue to be in his life for a certain purpose. Eros is the binding power of the Universe. And, hence, "contrary" to love, because love does not bind to a compulsory unity, but it liberates. When the deed is achieved, when the purpose is completed, then eros is transmuted into love, because the compulsory factor that created the dependence, ceases to exist: when the infant grows older, then the need for the mother ceases, hence the tenacious bond loosens and the binding eros is transformed into liberating love.

You must not stop trusting yourself. Βesides, everything has begun to form the final configuration.

Master Zeus