April 1, 1999


Be careful with self-fulfilling prophecies! It is known to almost everyone that a so called "prophecy" which is heard from the mouth of someone with great self-confidence, can take dimensions of actuality, and this happens, certainly not because it was meant to be materialized, but because those believing in it installed it.

But also in everyday life, people often move towards these kinds of "prophecies", which naturally they themselves bring upon their lives. Just as it is not at all "metaphysical" to think of someone who chooses a road and follows it, and all the distinguishing marks of this road appear afterwards on his course, it is just as simple to also think of someone who has chosen a mental road, and afterwards he distinguishes its characteristics while he is walking on it.

So when you are looking for "signs", first consider whether you are simply interpreting as "signs", the distinguishing marks of the road you have internally chosen and on which you have already started to walk. Of course, this is not reprehensible: on the contrary it expresses precisely man's free will, and advocates for it, through the fact that nobody decides for anyone else, nor do they even indicate someone else's choice. (Because even the indication in many cases reduces the absolute freedom of choice).

Just think that if an absolutely law-abiding and obedient man constantly kept on finding "signs" from above in his life, every time he had queries on the course, he would be finally sentenced to never knowing his self, therefore he would stay away from God for ever! How miserable is he who has always done "what has to be done", but has lost his self!

Signs, therefore, are none other than road signs on a marked path, on which we are already walking. For as long as we observe them, we recognize our choice in a certain direction, because often people proceed along roads and instead of looking, shut their eyes and walk as if they were blind. Then again at other times, they do not choose a way on their own impulse, but according to others' desires. So, the signs come again and again in order to remind them of reality.

The prophecy which people's mind create, is different from God's prophecy. People's prophecy runs on the axis of their nature, which is bipolarity, separativeness: it determines roads that diverge, starting from the same point, like rays extending to the infinite, without ever meeting. They are, therefore, "compulsory" roads that lead to division. On the contrary, God's prophecy is a road of convergence that leads to the unbreakable One, from whichever point one may start. If you contemplate that even Time doesn't move linearly, you'll see that God's prophecy on the Time axis finally leads to the removal of the polarization and the abolishment of the dissipation, meaning to the condensing. In that way it could never be a prophecy that passes through compulsory roads or given actualities. On the contrary, it leads to the same point, even if the roads in between are endless. Imagine a point on the map, to which one may be led, following theoretically infinite courses.

Don't concern yourselves, therefore, with prophecies that people fabricate, mainly out of anguish to surmount their alarming thought of infinite choices, which God grants people. All along, the infinite scared men of the finite dimensions of earthly life, and that is why they often tried to give shape to it: so the infinite of Time acquired shape, which, though, in reality it does not have.

Choose the way of God. There, you'll discover that there is no need to delimitate the infinite, the eternal, the unchangeable One. Think also that in practical life, self-fulfilling prophecies must be replaced by conscious choices of life courses, which conduce to self-knowledge and do not make it fall asleep. Besides, the Deed of God on Earth is based exactly on these principles.

(You know. Follow exactly what you know).

The Son