April 8, 1999 (Good Thursday)


The mental trials and tribulations someone may be going through, look like physical exercise: it benefits his overall entity, just like physical exercise benefits his body. Modern people, who have forgotten physical fatigue, usually suffer from excessive indolence and this has implications not only on their material but also on their "spiritual" body.

The same goes for mental exercise; it helps the soul to "work out", not slacken, be in readiness, check its principles. Because people aren't in a position to know with precision and objectivity their situation and what is necessary for them in order to improve themselves, they turn to trainers, coaches, and ask them to put them in some exercise program. The same applies to the spiritual field: people turn to "trainers of the soul", to Masters and Guides, to guide them in the exercise of their souls. So, the way they show confidence in their physical trainers and do not complain because they feel pain during the exercise, is also what they should do towards the spiritual trainers: to trust that this "program" is the one required for the improvement of their particular situation, and when they feel pain or fatigue, not to doubt and not to give up. Because this pain is necessary in order to train their soul and enable it to face the demands of the circumstances.

This is the significance of faith in the Masters' Guidance. They know the particular conditions and they also know which "exercises" will be more effective. Yet, how easily people trust other people, who simply have one more knowledge credential, and they distrust the Masters ...

To the beloved disciple

O.M. Aivanhov