April 10, 1999 (Good Saturday)


Beloved friend, don't be harsh and strict with people who are weak. Because those who lose control of their self and behave in an unfair and improper way, are essentially and profoundly weak. As much as they may hurt the just and proper with such behaviour, remember though, that it's only the blow of the strong one that can really hurt and not of the weak. You may think that it could be possible for such a weak person to provoke disasters even by mistake, but the answer is that, if he is watched over properly, this will not be actualized.

So, let's therefore remember that what we ought to show the weaker people is stability, decisiveness, and leniency, and "guide" them with our steps.

He, who loses his orientation in life, should turn his eyes to God again and draw an example from there. God expressed Himself through Creation. He created the Universe World, because He, Himself, existed in Eternity, and set the Beginning of Motions, because He, Himself existed in its arsis. God existed through His Creation, namely He formed His Self, reflected His Self inside it. So, the Absolute was configured in the Partial, the Timeless in the one Subjected to the dimension of Time, the Infinite in the one Subjected to the dimension of Space. Through Creation, God defined a Face for His Self with specific manifestations each moment. The One became the Infinite in the sense of multiplicity. The will of God for Self-determination bore the specification of each and every potentiality into a form, made every thought visible through potentiality in this direction.

So the Universe composed the Face of God, in which the Creator crystallized His Identity and defined the concept of His Existence. The Universe, being a partial subtotal of the Being, may change indefinitely, take on countless forms, but it can never take the totality of the One, because it was created exactly in order to "split" this totality and express its infinite, partial potentialities. While, therefore, it constitutes the potential One, it cannot actually reach it, because the subtotal can never identify with the total. In other words, this describes what I have also mentioned earlier, namely that man - as essence of God - cannot experience the composition of the partials except only mentally, cannot understand in practice the concentration of opposites at the same point, as for example, the gender-lessness of the angels, namely the unification of the masculine and the feminine into a "denser" element (and here I remind you of the respective unification of colours into white).

I revert to man. Just like God, man can find the meaning of his existence in Creation, because he feels the need of self-realization and self-definition, through something more partial than himself. Let him, then follow in the steps of God and he will manage to find the Self again.

My words are the Word of Peace. He who recognizes me, does not know Confrontation. I am always by my beloved and support their steps. Let my Resurrection defeat every idea of death within you.