January 11, 1996


God protects his beloved people from every evil, every temptation and their every representative. The hour is nigh when the righteous will reap the fruits of their actions and the unrighteous will come to know the real face of the injustice they had been committing. The time is nigh when the honest will be repaid and the unjust will mourn. The time is nigh when the workers of Good will take position next to their Creator and the unworthy will be cast down headlong to the ends of the kingdom of darkness.

Nobody can touch, not even a single hair from the head of the man within whom God reigns. No apprehension about the earthly present or the post death future can nestle within the pure and bright heart. No prophet of evil can plant a seed of fear there. Dread you infidels, because the hour of justice is nigh. The angel repays love with love, hatred with expulsion. The poor become rich and the tired given rest. The humble are appointed to the kingdom of Heaven, the undistinguished earn eternal glory.

Incarnated man who has returned to earth in order to save the people, wore the cloak of weakness, fear and vulnerable character. That is why he stumbles into errors and is devastated by great temptation. Reveal the serpent, bite the apple, because that is the way earthly thisness commands, and forgive yourself by working in the way of Good. The earthly world is a plane of battle. Blessed are the brave ones who decide to be mobilized, forgiven are their sins, for their aim was divine. Don't judge your Generals, if they died a death improper to your reasoning. Admire their deed, bless their self-sacrifice and their decision to return to the mortal world in order to guide humanity.

God stands by the side of his workers and names them his beloved children. No one can abuse God's chosen ones and whoever dares to do so by winning over powers of the darkness, dreadful punishment awaits him. The love of God accepts to its bosom whoever asks to be there and enjoy the fruits of eternal life. Alas to the disturbers of peace, alas to the evil-doers. The Second Coming is at hand!