January 18, 1996


Think of love and love will exist for you. Meditate the light, and the light will flood you. Ask for God and you'll find him. For someone to suffer in his life is selfish; it means that he still moves only around his self, repaying old debts.

Remember Gepeto (from "Pinocchio"): He now lives by loving the others, he dedicates his life to the beloved, he no longer lives in the narrow limits of a "personal" life.

So renounce your self, and the "ego", cease to be concerned with its problems. You are free of karma and your duty is to produce creative work.

Relay to M. that her road is still long, but she has started walking along it. Let her not withdraw into the silence of isolation, because the source dries up when the soil is barren. The work of creation is not elsewhere other than the place where the less enlightened still suffer. Let a clear body be your concern. Temptations lie low in unsuspected things, such as the enjoyment of a tasty food, and vigilance should include them too. The poison of tobacco (he means smoking) blackens the aura; distance yourselves.

The texts are sent in order to be processed. Don't neglect the work that earthly conditions demand. The final aim is still far away and invisible, but trust the signs that lead towards it. Do not ask for transparency. Matter clouds the fine energies and the darkness of your earthly eyes is unavoidable.

Don't ask to leave the place where you were born. Your task is here and the course that seems non-existent to you now, will appear in front of you after a while. When we met (he means a vision from a past life), I talked to you about the miracles that a clear heart can perform. Let your memory return. A clear heart makes invisible and unhoped-for things and roads to appear, from where the earthly eye discerned only a dead end and darkness.

Let optimism reign. Chase away every bad thought that intrudes uninvited. Guide the light to where you judge wise and necessary. Just as the fire does not diminish however many candles you light from the initial flame, so with love. The more you love, the more you'll become capable of loving even more.

Don't become strict with those who follow the easy way, because they have not awakened yet. It is not too early to welcome what was sent to you, take care of the necessities. The grounds are placed early for a deed of great demands. You don't need material goods, as you believe, these will appear when the time becomes right. Clear and put in order; sort out and cast off; gather and strengthen, this is what you have to do now.

Be careful with the trial of the exercise. Identifying the temporary with the eternal is a continual mistake.

Don't doubt the gift you have. Occupy yourself with the responsibility of developing it, because it is for this that you will be answerable. Let not strictness drive you away because it is care and love for the chosen ones. Tonight, let memory flood you, remembrance is a gift and a guide for one to fit the pieces together, which otherwise have no meaning at all.

Don't ask for reciprocation for the good you offer, but only for the bad, if this should happen, so that you are freed as soon as possible from the centripetal power of the "ego". You are not given anything freely, but only that which you have acquired through work, so stop suffering selfishly, call joy and it will nestle within you. God accepts every offer of grief for fellow human beings with exultation and honours those who offer themselves .

Now that you have remembered, do not be strict with me any longer.