January 24, 1996


The ..... is your task and you know it well as far back as you remember your self. A great deal tries to mislead you, a great deal tries to discourage you, but you should continue on this same road. Trials are temporary, and the darkness which now conceals your way, will disintegrate shortly. The temptations of earthly life are many, you need great power and courage to master them, but here, we all believe that you'll manage. Mobilize your bravery, your optimism and your diligence and wait for the Providence of God to appear. The universe is fair, everybody is rewarded according to their work, have no doubt whatsoever.

Continue believing in the vision, shut your ears to those who have no faith, don't share your worries other than with those who can transmit the faith in the Omnipotence of God's Universe to you.

Commit yourself without trying to coerce the circumstances.

You can't conceive the plan of God, so busy yourself by making your present as creative as possible. Now you can start (working) again, with caution and respect. Open the channel of inspiration and let the divine element express itself, showing trust in the natural function. Spare no toil or money in order to ensure the technical supplies that are necessary for you. Don't forget that the phase of apprenticeship is about to be completed and there is no point in preserving it.

Don't move on to another person in your life. He is already close to you and is being made aware of your common deed. You don't need to take any action, let everything function in its own time and in the appropriate way.

Be ready to follow the development. Don't be afraid to hear the guidance, because this is the way it should be done.

Convey to M. that the effort is being assessed and must be continued.

Keep your mouth closed, your mind open and your powers in vigilance. The direction is explicit if you allow your thought to discern it, uninfluenced. When the inclination is not definitive, the time is not the appropriate one. Wait for the horizon to clear.

Hang on in the direction you are heading, even though your thoughts or the environment try to lead you elsewhere. Patience and persistence must characterize you.

Remember that vindication is on your way.