January 28, 1996


God sends you this prolonged period of trials to make sure that the power will not destroy you. The power you will acquire is great, and you must be strictly trained in order to learn how to be able to handle it. You need many exercises to be strengthened so much so, that you won't be in danger of self-destruction by the power.

Learning to be frugal with money, means that you will be able to accredit it its real value when you have it, and not be dependent on it. Correspondingly, the same also happens with spiritual matters.

Your life is different from the others, you must accept this. Don't be afraid, you are simply called on to follow the words you hear, and don't get carried away by life plans that are in force for other people.

Temptations bombard you, but you must be able to recognize them so as not to waste time. You have lots of time ahead of you, your work will be foundational, without it being about a practical rally, however. You throw the seeds of awakening and they germinate.

Your ..... work is just as important and necessary, as you will find out.

Greece is the new cradle of the civilization of light. The people who will collaborate in the rebirth, approach you. You see it and you should expect it.

You know me from other lives. I will be close to you in the new phase and guide you. Talk to those who ask you to, through your words the new world, which will shortly rise, will speak. No matter how many attacks you suffer, do not retreat. You will be wrapped in a mantle of light which will call the “new” people around you.

Search in the distant past to find me. May this be the day of a new road. God assigns a difficult task to you, God singles you out and blesses you for your humble and good heart.

I'll be here again to lead you.