January 30, 1996


If personal matters are not solved, you cannot proceed to issues of wider creation, that's why personal matters come back again and you must concern yourselves with them.

Attention. You have an energy blockage in that particular area, and you become the pawn of negative emanations. Use the mind in order to clarify. Imagine the right thing, and after you experience it with your mind, bring it into reality.

Be composed on all occasions.

Your father (note: he has passed away) asks to be with you and he is permitted. The dream is sometimes reality, and you are simply able to realize and remember it.

When fear possesses you, defense dictates bad thoughts to you. Disconnect each time you feel this way. Most importantly don't get upset, because then the situation slips completely out of your control. Don't get upset that you cannot cope with it entirely yet. Think that it is a burden of centuries, and that you already manage quite well.

Because, when you are in such a struggle, you are particularly vulnerable, do not connect other problems with it, in the same moment. Face it autonomously and isolated, and do not allow thoughts of other things enter your mind simultaneously.

Show patience, self restraint and occupy yourself with something creative. Sooner or later, everything appears in its true dimensions, without provoking or compelling it.

Most importantly change your negative mood, and everything will be settled. It seems difficult to you, but it is possible.

The examples of others do not correspond to your life, so do not make inappropriate parallelisms, because this burdens you with negative residues that have no reason to exist.

Continue writing. Help is clear and beyond any question and doubt. The processing of the texts, as you have already realized, is the proper one.

Being occupied with earthly matters is sometimes a bitter and hard duty, yet unavoidable. Rest will come later, when the present is certain. You have great power within you and are capable of carrying through any problem that arises. Have no doubts about that.

When you have learned to dominate any situation, when you have such self control as to know what is correct and materialize it, then you will be able to heal the body as well, because then all the natural forces will obey you.

Do not refuse then, the exercises which you are now asked to resolve, because they will lead you to the reality of your wish.

The grand masterpiece starts from foundations hidden inside the earth, great height is owed to vast depth, so that is where you must look for the beginning of your task. Dig deeply within yourself, reorganize the subsoil of your soul in such a way, so as to endure shouldering the height of creation in the future. If you think that this kind of exercise, like the one yesterday, is of inferior quality, remember that every superb sculpture starts from the selection of the stone.

Here is an opportunity for study, then. Go ahead carefully and calmly, with knowledge and vigilance, without leaving any room for the enemy to penetrate you. Youth brings touchiness and pride, but forceful replies only mean temporary relief.

Behave with the sobriety and wisdom of an old man. Hold the reins of the tongue, and replace the impulse for revenge.

Go in peace.

Zandos – Aivanhov