February 12, 1996


You distrust. Learn to distinguish humbleness from self-contempt.

Times are difficult for everyone. Evil is accumulating and it darkens the bright horizon. That is why the people who are committed to the plan of God stand guard and pray.

Everyday life gives you the chance to strengthen your self by putting into practice what you theoretically know. Remember the insights (he means of the "Celestine Prophecy") and work on them practically. Only he, who strengthens himself in everyday life, can fight the hordes of Evil. That is why it is important to live your lives with devotion, accepting the challenges and actively taking part in all the difficulties and trials. The trainee soldier does not abandon hard training, he is tireless and he uncomplainingly executes even the most painful exercises.

Face life like a military training. The most difficult commands lead the trainee to surpass his limits, discovering within himself greater and greater new powers. The difficulties demand stubbornness and unshakeable will, and with this the generations of the "new" people are forged.

Don't confuse training with real life. Real life is elsewhere, with conditions which you cannot imagine, but in order to ensure it one must first overpower evil, inside and outside oneself. Patience, faith in the vision, tireless effort characterize the enlightened by the new Faith.

You are in the era of the New Revelation. Trust the voice of the Masters, who so bounteously help you and guide you. Always consider going along together with the Light, and this will show you the way in dilemmas with safety. The Masters can lead you only as long as your free will permits them to do so, that is why you should fervently desire their presence in your life, you should invoke them, you should leave your thinking blank for their voice to be imprinted there.

Get together with mutual assistance and support, help your fellow human beings materially or spiritually, as the Scriptures command.

Let people gather around you without exercising any kind of pressure or influence. Convergence occurs following a divine commandment and your call is not necessary. Talk only to those whom you consider able to hear, spread the messages written or orally to those who ask for them – because they have already been approached. But do not distance yourself from those who do not talk clearly yet; be available for the moment they awaken, while for the time being talk to them on the level which will reinforce the flame without extinguishing it.

Don't refuse the work. Work within yourself, thwart the blockages of the intellectual body. You can do that without distancing yourself from worldly matters. Your aptitude is great and this is appreciated by the Orders. You ought to proceed quickly and your power must be of steel in order to succeed. Keep thinking that you are now "recording" for the future, therefore see to it that your emanations are equivalent. What you have requested is very close to you.

Caution! Separate fatigue from denial.

Safeguard what you gain, chiefly by trusting yourself and the plan of God. Don't retreat, because you hinder the natural energy which is already flowing, and you create turmoil. You should restore your aura immediately as soon as you realize a certain malformation, this is your primary work and directly yours. You are now inside the Deed, because you requested it, you chose it and were judged worthy of it; so do not return to doubts or disorientations which are ghosts of the past. Never forget that the only importance consists of the attainment of God's Plan for humanity.

We know that you will not turn around. Your course is blessed by the Brotherhood.