February 22, 1996


The exercises progress exactly the way they ought to, so don't worry, mistakes are made in order to realize what you should not do and vice versa. Therefore love the mistakes, and even more so your "collaborators", meaning those who accept to become the receivers of a bad energy, in order to help you on the road of knowledge.

Don't worry that you are unable to realize and conquer everything you read or touch intellectually. They will return when it is finally time for you to be able to conquer them empirically. You must walk along with "time", move on step by step with patience and certainty that, whatever is necessary, will appear in front of you following the order of divine Will.

You are a disciple of the Brotherhood, with everything this entails, especially responsibility and alertness, and not selfishness and the increase of pride. The disciple realizes the meaning of the circumstances properly, and proceeds to the solution of the problems with fervour. He uses the knowledge, he possesses so far, and the light which is granted to him in order to develop his life and serve his fellow humans. Neither of the two is more important, and neither is possible to function autonomously. Remember that the Word says to love our fellow man as our self, so to love equally our self as much as the others.

Connect with the Light. Cosmic Light is mainly found in nature therefore travel often to places where Nature is rich and silent. Follow your intuition and discover the Light in the microcosm and the macrocosm. When balance is overturned, connect with the Source, and then you will be able to restore it within yourself and in the immediate environment of yours or your fellow being's.

It is necessary for you to realize how energies function, that's why you should concentrate on it and observe it. Only don't forget to send back the energy you took from somewhere. This is allowed, i.e. to draw energy even violently, until you learn this insight well, and of course under the condition that when you realize this, you return it to your collaborator.

Everything that your memory reveals to you (he means about the past incarnations), should be kept to yourself with respect and love. Don't reveal to others, what you should not, even when it concerns them, because even if the intention is bilaterally positive, you cannot see the possible activations that may occur.

The body is the Temple of the Soul and of the Spirit, that is why it should be treated with special care and love. The present situation of the body is the result of a series of incarnations and it is often not possible to change, but the effort must be constant for the best possible present, and of course to achieve an improvement which will come in the next incarnations. Let not the limitations of the current body be decisive for your actions. Visualize the "new" body, the one which will let your true Superior form reveal almost completely, as God has given it to you, unique for each one. This imprint already exists inscribed very deeply in the eyes of each human being and in the aura, which, however, is not yet widely visible and recognizable.

This identity of the Soul does not alter during the successive incarnations, that is why a person is finally recognizable and unique, no matter how much the Law of Karma has charged his thick matter with elements and characteristics necessary for his course each time. Remember in dreams, the way you "recognize" that it is that specific person, even when his external characteristics are completely vague and hard to discern, or even different from those with which you have connected him in the current life.

The more we love and accept our body, the more we act more positively and correctly towards it and in that way we free ourselves from previous karma, while at the same time we carefully prepare the coming incarnations.

Νothing is difficult and insurmountable, especially when we contemplate its real dimensions in the Universe. The more someone observes the situations from a height which distances him from them, the more he is given the ability to disengage himself and come to know their real purpose – which is usually very different from the one he first thought.

When, for example, we observe that a problem follows us in our life, reappearing in many sectors, this certainly does not mean that someone wishes to make us suffer, or that the Universe functions with feelings of sadism. On the contrary indeed: not solving it when it first appeared, showed that we were not able and ready yet, so the "circumstances", the external sheath of the problem, are modified in order to retry under new conditions which may facilitate us more. At the same time, the repeated appearance of the same problem under different patterns makes us capable of recognizing it, even if it is elaborately disguised and enables us to become familiar with it. Familiarization is always the first step in order that fear, which "freezes" every reaction of the human being, be distanced.

The more the Disciple advances in Esoterism, he realizes that fear has lost every power upon him now. This happens because fear is unbreakably connected to the unknown. The unknown ceases to exist as long as the eyes of the Soul start distinguishing the coherence of Physical and Metaphysical Laws, the union of the known and unknown Dimensions of Life, the Fullness of the World, and as long as man starts feeling the Kinship with the divine Plan. The moment certainty floods over man, every fear disappears, because everything acquires a meaning, everything is perfectly settled, and thus it becomes clear that everything follows a course of convergence towards the final realization of the will of God.

Man must co-unite the conscious (earthly) with the superconscious (Higher) self, put in order the piece of the Universe that has been given to him and harmonize it with the existing Plan of God. But for those, there are sources, look for them and see to their spreading.

Remember, beloved, when you once loved me, followed my difficult way and believed me. My love always accompanies you and protects you, as one of my most beloved people. Be a light-giver, keep your faith strong and hand on its torch wherever you can. Hellenism and Christianity are two very strong Initiations, and he who has them does not need to be involved in other organizations, mystical ones. Go back to their Sources, keep them by your side. The theurgy of the Sacraments of the Church must be re-strengthened and your prayer can offer assistance. Illuminate the temples of God because in that way you illuminate the Church.

God always provides for you.

Masters Zeus, Jesus