February 28, 1996


Ηuman relationships are a great lesson.

Each relationship is unique and that is how you ought to deal with it.

The particular people are in your lives at this moment, because this is necessary for your progress at this stage. When the circumstances do not allow you to get away easily, but you have the impression that they "bind" you to a particular situation, then the message of the Universe is that you can solve the problem and break free from it for good and all. Don't be indignant when you cannot escape: contemplate the opportunity that is being offered to you, to relieve your karma of a burden, and consider it as a sign that the Universe assesses you capable of handling this difficult issue.

No Master can possibly foretell the "future" of a situation despite the fact that he may "see" it in advance. This happens because every person ought to shoulder both the burden of a choice as well as its responsibility right away. This responsibility of each person for his own future also includes the capability to change his course even up until the last minute. The "future", as visualized by the Master or the guide, is not final, it is always reversible, consequently nobody else except the person himself can foresee it. But let yourselves go freely with the signs, which are exhortations from the guides, and can help you judge the direction you must follow more correctly.

Individuality does not exclude interaction with others.

Two circles may identify with each other, since their circumferences coincide, but they keep their uniqueness and the ability by extension, at times, to simply adjoin or even be completely separate.

The eighth insight (he means of the "Celestine Prophecy") refers exactly to this relationship between people, following choice and being reversible, not compulsory. The study of this new type of relationships is absolutely necessary for the development of every man.

Close your own circle, confirm the building of an integrated personality, and afterwards you will be able to decide if a particular person must – or you want him – to be near you. Before this you are not able to correctly judge as to whether a relationship makes you advance essentially and truly, or it constitutes a substitute of energy drawing. Therefore, leave the decision for that time when you will be absolutely capable of undertaking it.

Distancing and keeping the distance is necessary. Don't forget that the terms in your own case are different from what is in effect for other people. Observe within the existing circumstances, the environment that should exist, and do not rush to bring about changes for which you are not ready yet. The imperative conditions do not restrict your right of choice as far as your life is concerned; they simply facilitate you to advance faster, since you do not need to stop and decide for the slightest thing. In other words, your situation appears configured in such a way, so that you have the shortest possible course, since you asked for your evolution to be accelerated.

So, you don't need to stop trying to distinguish the reason why the particular situation appeared under these conditions; this happened to facilitate the progress. The way of action of the divine Plan is mysterious and intangible to you, but be assured that it is the most appropriate.

Man's life begins under particular specifications, which he can however, modify, according to his will and his developmental level. This modification doesn't usually refute the stages which man must go through in the particular incarnation, but he can condense them as much as possible and go on to new phases, which had not been foreseen for him from the beginning. This, nevertheless, involves the following dangers: the immoderate ambition, which is being fed and enforced the more man experiences his "successes", and the insufficient "experiencing" of the lessons.

Both of them can destroy any immature personality, no matter how pure and guileless the first intentions were. In order to be gained, knowledge demands tireless experience of repetitions, the number of which is wiser to be decided by the Masters and not the disciples.

Each time your impatience – or, to put it another way, your sincere desire – urges you to want to go on deeper into the path of Initiation, do consider that rushed steps lead more surely to loss.

Don't miss opportunities in order to constantly try what you think you have conquered and be prepared for certain surprises, when you are facing the "accomplished" as completely new. Disappointment has no place in similar cases; activate faith, love and knowledge, and accept the mistake as a vaulting horse for further progress.

When your path crosses with people who need and ask for your help, be particularly cautious. Do not scatter energy unwisely before you anticipate. The connection with the Source is protection for those who offer. Ask to know if their plea is true, and not a disguised intention of theft. Offering sometimes offers an alibi for feelings of selfishness and self-confirmation. Pray for those who need help and offer what exists abundantly in your soul.

You know a great part of the Truth.

Enjoy the World you have.

Follow your personal pace with the certainty that you asked to have.

Zeus - Hilarion

(continued from the previous letter)

Only then does man become capable of loving, when even the smallest trace of fear is lost from within. Sometimes certain people seem to be able to hurt you; in reality, you project your fear to them that such a thing can happen and in this way you make them capable of carrying it out . Even the smallest trace of the sense of threat can destroy any love. Love means by definition, complete sense of security and trust, therefore it cannot coexist with the feeling that we are threatened, in other words with fear towards the other person.

In reality no other person is able to cause any loss, but only if we provide him with the capacity and the opportunity. At times, we even "force" him to do it, by strongly projecting this negative thought of ours onto him, while he himself would not undertake such a thing on his own.

It is important therefore to “close our circle”. Then nobody will be able to act upon us, man acquires the sense of unity with his Creator and remains unshakable and undaunted in front of any threat. Let us contemplate that the theurgic act of marriage, the way it is performed in Christianity, joins people together with two chaplets and two rings (circles of equal circumference).

Before we think that we love someone, whether this is true and worthy of the definition according to the essence of the divine interpretation, we must have ensured for our self, the absence of every trace of fear, insecurity and sense of vulnerability. In that way we can set the other person free as well, from any participation in exchanges of low energy, and be sure that we are connected to the Primary and Perennial Source, from where we draw for our self and the others. The movement of the energy which we draw from the Universe ought to have a flow towards the others, as for the opposite (meaning inflow of energy from the others) it must not happen, at least not for the reason of necessity.