April 7, 1996 (Palm Sunday)


Death for my people is none other than a step that will lead them to resurrection. Death alone is not a state but a stage. For my beloved ones there is only life, joy, light, day. They go through the opposites but they know that these are only a minute in eternity, a dream within reality.

My beloved ones do not fear the dark, because they know that both inside the light and inside darkness they will find me just the same. My beloved ones believe that inside the silence of sorrow too, I speak to them again, just as before. My beloved ones see my presence both in rough as well as in calmed sea.

There is no present or future that is not determined by me, that's why they are not afraid. Deep in their heart that experiences the storm they keep the lantern of my presence alight. Then pain is not reality; then pain becomes a boost which marks the beginning, the new birth, and disappears.

Don't dwell on pain. I am granting you eternal happiness, open your eyes to face the real dimensions.

Those who thought that I am cruel, see only the protection I offer to my beloved ones. How could he be cruel, he who was born and died dreadfully in order to unite life with eternity? How could he be a punisher, he who made the greatest sacrifice because he could not bear the destruction of the people?

Contemplate on how cruelly those for whom I offered my life behaved. And now they behave cruelly to those who love me and live with me and within me. So, I am here to protect from injustice.

Believe in the light and my love and you will transform the world.

You, beloved, believe in the power my name has, and give away whatever you ask to receive. Because, be assured, what you ask for, you will receive from I myself. Give love exactly the way you thought of it, and you will see the miracle come true. Don't cry any longer, because the Mantle of My Light covers you, because I know that your heart is sensitive. Smile because your lesson is over and your life is now free.

Thank your beloved (he means a friend) for the good she transmitted to you (he means transference of positive energy). Let her be blessed because she asked for something great and entered its service with a clear heart.

Have faith in people, because nobody is close to you by chance . But you have to illuminate them constantly with the light you will ask for from me. Let your thought fly to bright dreams and know that from now on everything will at last be clear for you because you showed eagerness and power and faith.

Become a beacon for people.

Heal as I did, with understanding and faith in the Plan and the will of my Father.

My second Coming has occurred in your hearts, prepare the others also to accept me.

I will always be next to you.