April 14, 1996


Don't ask to know the future. You are neither going to find it anywhere, nor learn it from anyone of this or of the invisible life, because this must not happen. You must focus on each moment that you live, with such emphasis as if it were the concentration of your entire being.

Unrest and fear for the future colour the present with colours that do not exist in it and distort it. Respect the present with the thisness it has and do not distort it with parameters that are irrelevant to its essence.

Living every moment as if it were eternity is both a simple and difficult task. It means isolating the mind and using it when it is proper, having strong self-control and most important of all, patience. You deal only with what is possible for you to control, and put aside all that is inappropriate. As long as you keep your self disciplined, the present remains a unique and invaluable reality, from which you can draw as much essence and pleasure as you want. Don't transfer the essence of happiness to the future, because even if it materializes the way you envisage it, when it becomes the present, you will postpone your happiness to a next future.

The present is all that you have and only on it should you rely. When you learn to ensure happiness from within the moment you are living, then you will realize that you have become able for the blessedness of eternity.

Don't insist on judging and comparing your life according to data of earthly parameters, because your own life is different and the way it is structured serves the evolution which concerns only you in particular. Don't forget that, stay in vigilance and do not pause at "mistakes" or "victories" before you make sure that the lesson has been completely mastered. Nothing stops when its cycle of existence has not been completed. So, don't hurry to shake off a situation or, the opposite, don't be afraid that you won't have time to bring it to completion, because when the necessity is over, the way vanishes by itself.

Continue the effort with trust and love towards your self. Most importantly, learn not to be crushed by "mistakes", since these have also been foreseen in order to facilitate evolution. Not only the "winner" but, even more so, the "defeated", deserves love.