May 8, 1996


You continue to use other people's criteria in order to judge and decide for your own life. Your pace is very fast and you demand on the one hand things be materialized that are not possible to materialize so fast, and on the other you expect to assimilate knowledge which is also not possible to assimilate in such a short period.

Your selfish self becomes inflated each time you wish to outdo the present. Each moment has an unsurpassable value and you should not treat it with contempt – together with all that it brings with it. You really have pinned yourself to "ideal" situations - according to your own judgment - which do not exist in your life now, and in that way the present slips and passes without you bestowing the proper value it is worthy of. You should remember that you will never become worthy of your ideal future, if you don't firstly become worthy of experiencing the present with joy.

Sorrow is a cloud that isolates you from every form of positive energy and cuts off any access to help. Of course, sorrow is a human emotion which nobody can avoid completely; it is advisable, though, for a person to realize when it occurs in him, and soon move on to the next stage, which is the work of solving the problem and of removing every anguish-producing situation. Inertia is always a trap of the lower self, and can often use some problems that do indeed exist as an alibi. Problems, though, as difficult as they may be, can and must be resolved, and not be dominant in life. Hard exercises, laborious and constant work are what keep a body strong, healthy and beautiful - the same also goes for the soul. Difficulties are exercises which chase away the indolence and slackness of the soul.

You ought to reinforce your resistance to the spiritual germs not only by strengthening your knowledge, but also by avoiding exposing yourself to unhealthy environments. A healthy environment, with each and every possible meaning of the term, always has a reinforcing effect. You are neither destined, nor ready, to cure the cancer of the soul; so, restrict yourselves to isolating it or cutting it from the healthy body.

The soul is healed in many ways: Appropriate association, as much as isolation correspondingly. Frequent communication, which is achieved by studying or concentration. Be careful, though, because the need to escape from the earthly reality sometimes lurks behind the wish for communication with the other side.

Only then is man truly worthy of the other side, when he loves this life deeply and manages to discover within it, eternity.

Music is given by God to the people as one more means of approaching eternal Joy. The role of Art in general is of great importance, because it gives the souls the capacity to touch the sense of unity with their Homeland for a while. Inside it, therefore, exist therapeutic attributes, as important as the ones of biological Medicine.

The Workers of Art are Workers of Medicine, in its metaphysical sense, that is why it is very important that they are knowers of the importance of their work. Sometimes invisible powers act through them, and it is possible that their morals do not fall in line with their offering. After all, the Created is cut off from the Creator and lives autonomously. Certainly, it is possible for a creator's immorality to blemish a work, perhaps even indelibly. In all cases, however, judgment does not befit people; they can either be uplifted or not through a work, this is up to them.

Take care of your self, in order to become a clear channel. I start addressing you again personally, because your faith was shaken by the "rational" conclusions which there is no room for here. I'm glad that the dream awakened you. I know that you are struggling against prejudice, connotations of the past and the ideas of others, I know that the struggle against "reality" is dreadful. I also know that the situation prevailing on Earth is ominous, and you rightly wonder about the future. You must, however, remember that whatever you consider impossible, this is subject to the will of God. You must move along on your way, without being influenced by general assessments, knowing and believing absolutely that nothing is impossible for the Power of God, and that everything serves their purpose.

Don't decide for the future, simply trust my Voice taking the necessary steps one by one. I'm always with you, with all of you, even when you do not hear me. Have no doubt that will and faith are enough to lift every obstacle.