June 4, 1996



The trip you are taking (note: for educational-professional reasons) is particularly important, for reasons that you will see later on. The daring you show is also important, because in that way you help your self detach from psychological addictions which keep the soul tied, to your own level. As long as evolution progresses, man escapes from any kind of attachments on a material level, something he cannot do when and for however long he is at lower levels. This sense of trust in immediate Providence can become conscious only when man has entered the path, and this constitutes a determinant feature of this phase. Consequently, as long as you materialize this trust with actions such as the present trip, you consolidate your course and your choice on the path of divine Initiation.

Another characteristic of the specific phase, is the need to introduce the people around you, to the knowledge revealed to you esoterically. This means that you are characterized by patience and the willingness and ability to converse in the personal idiom of other people. Because every man's mission supplies him with the necessary world view, which is only for him, your words cannot be the same for everyone, but adjusted to his personal way of considering things. You must be careful not to overthrow intellectual structures, which possibly support a specific life plan. It is also important that you remember that such a conversation is not taking place on a personal level, hence you should not entangle your self emotionally, but you should distance yourself, throw the divine seed and trust its luck to your Creator and Assigner. When the seed leaves you, the luck of its fruitfulness escapes from your responsibility and supervision. You should insist, though, if you ascertain that toil is needed for the soil to render fruits.

People's fate is often in the hands of fellow humans. It is more difficult for Masters to approach people who have their receptors detuned from the divine Frequency. Then the seniority of their enlightened fellow humans is particularly important and necessary.

Faith in your self is something completely different from selfishness, and it is difficult to be led astray to something like that, because it is about two states of different quality. Self-confidence is a non-competitive emotion, meaning it does not submit to any kind of comparison and classification. Its main difference from selfishness is that it neither projects the self above others, nor considers the reduction of their value as necessary. It takes into consideration the particularity of every creature, its distinct and indisputable value, and its special and indispensable role in the functioning of Life. The love for our selves and the acceptance of our value does not bring us in opposition to the others around us, on the contrary it widens consciousness and increases admiration for the World as a Whole indivisible and interdependent.

In the words of Jesus, the urging of the love for our neighbour as our self correlates the subject with the object, in a relationship of balance, and denotes that the love for the self as much as for the one next to us, are two parts, integral and necessary for the moral equation.

Trust in victory is also necessary for every struggle. This is something well known and will not be expounded here. I remind you that the vision of victory provides powers, which act for its materialization in the immediate present or future. Even if the result is finally differentiated from the vision, positive activations remain in the sphere of the aura and strengthen the future materializations.

You must remember that "failure" is none other than the delay of the appearance of a positive activation, or the appearance of a negative activation, which preceded it, but in the end it does not mean that the positive activation was powerless. The power of positive thinking is much superior and stronger than a negative one, as their qualities are different. The quality of Good always prevails and is never threatened by Evil, which is usually none other than the negative manifestation of the positive quality; just like the black colour which is actually the absence of every quality of light - while the white is the highest quality as the synthesis of all the manifestations of light – likewise "Evil", is defined as the absence of positive properties. Evil, then, does not have a self-existent thisness nor entity. The Fallen Angel is characterized by the lack of divine Attributes and cannot create real threats to the Sons of God, but only illusions.

This is the reason why Fear is an emotion, which ought to be effaced from people's hearts. Fear is based only on the creation of impressions and not on real causes. Demons and the other inferior beings have no true authority over the Sons of God, and certainly are not capable of touching even a single hair of their head. Because they envy the blessing of the divine Seal, which they themselves are not in a position to acquire, they approach people and involve them in a mental game, where all kinds of illusions appear with a threatening outline and plunge people in mental and imaginary illusions. The mind and imagination, because they are organs with no self-existent quality, can easily deviate in dark directions. Only intuition constitutes a moral element, and only there can man be fearlessly based, in order to check whether his thoughts are after subjecting to impressions or a product of reality. That is why prayer, which is exactly the practical application of intuition, has been given to people for centuries as the only unshakable means of controlling thought and imagination.

Fear is a situation acquired by man and is exactly what is called the Fall in the Old Scripture.

It is called the Fall because it meant exactly a vibrational, energy "fall". As we said, at the level of positive qualities it is not possible for man to be influenced by any "force" of lesser qualities, in other words force of Evil, as we commonly say; he must go down the ladder in order to receive these bad influences. Inferior creatures – the serpent in the myth – are incapable of bringing him down; they then create illusions , which lead to feelings of fear, and then man "falls" by himself and becomes prey to his enemies.

Fear is the deception of the powerless against the powerful whom they envy and cannot approach otherwise.

Man on his own can approach God or throw himself to the Serpent . God supplies him with Faith, the Serpent deceives him with fear. Faith is the unique antidote against the poison of the Snake, because faith wipes out every fear. This is the reason why the Myth mentions that God asked of the First Created, only their Faith in His words not to try the fruit from the specific tree of His Garden. He asked them, not in order to submit them to confinement, but because he knew that only this would save them from every enemy. Their "disobedience" led not to Punishment on His behalf, but to the unavoidable results of their choice.

All this has a symbolic meaning for us, since we know that this entire story is just an allegory. Fear, which the inferior creatures create in us with illusions, leads to vibrational, energy "fall", which we inevitably "pay for" with pains and grief – since it constitutes a loss of certain positive-divine qualities of ours, and every loss is painful. Only unshakable faith is an aid to not believing in illusions, to recognizing that it's about a figment of imagination only, without a substantial threat to us. The trust in the Plan of God shields us with always higher energies and protects us from our self, who is the only one that can harm us.

Let's rid ourselves of every delusion and fear, and we shall see every painful emotion within ourselves replaced by feelings of joy, peace and equanimity. The knowledge and awareness of the Course of God's Universe are the shields of the mind.

The words of Jesus are filled with messages of euphoria. Study the Scriptures. The New Age will be marked by the Knowledge that will accompany Faith in People's hearts.

I'll come again to guide you on new paths.


Master Zeus