June 4, 1996 (evening)



Ancient Greek mythology contains many symbolisms you can keep yourselves occupied with. Ancient Greeks were an enlightened people, who lived in a favourable era, as many Masters were close by the Earth, at that particular longitude and latitude. Sciences were also found to flourish and many questions can be answered if one looks back to these sources. It is important for modern Greeks to come to know that particular period of their History, which is why today many people are involved with great affection for it. It is important, that efforts be coordinated and that you aim at cooperation. Cooperation always strengthens the created effect with a strong aura, enriches it with abundant energy vibrations and protects people from the emotion of selfishness and separativeness.

You feel a strong urge keeping you in Greece, and this is requested, because your powers are necessary there. You know that you must not be tempted, and you won't be, because a spatial removal will detune the concentration of specific people around you and will delay the creation of the inner core of the people of the New Age.

Safe distancing (he means from everything earthly and material) means that in cases of choice of moral character, you must always be able to quit every attachment and reassurance, or other kind of benefit. The moral deed is the most important and foremost one, and you ought to give it precedence over any benefit.

Be careful of behavioral handling. You must demand from your self to accept the mistakes of others and forgive, and you must not make any demand of others to tolerate your mistakes and results of insecurities. What you yourself must do is determined according to the data of your personal course but the same does not necessarily apply for others.

Rest tonight and diligently prepare yourself.