June 9, 1996


This trip came about for you to learn that the previous "bad" experiences must not stop you from retrying, by stopping at bad associations. For this reason you were guided to participate in the competition ....., exactly in order to overcome the stage of being rooted in an experience. When man goes through experiences of failure or intense horror or pain, he develops a defensive attitude, which makes him avoid any similar experience. The memory is "cleared" precisely in order to spare man from such ties each time a new life starts; nevertheless, there are no few cases where subconsciously the denial of repeating the experience is so powerful, that it acts without even mental – logical – coherence. These are the well known phobias, which may have roots in one or more previous incarnations.

Man is freed as long as he manages to return to painful experiences. Repetition makes him realize that pain gradually lessens. In that way he acquires power over any situation he previously considered insurmountable and painful. Bravery in these cases, when faith that no power is unshakable is inherent, helps man subdue every fear and walk towards freedom.

The more a soul evolves in the spiritual Hierarchy, its consciousness widens. The consciousness of those you call Masters is so wide, that it has now lost its "individuality" which you lend to it. Evolution of the soul is a course from the point towards infinity, in the shape of an upside down pyramid. The pyramids which exist on Earth are symbolic buildings, which depict this course reversely, wanting to show the earthly course of man's recurring lives: the soul, initially a point in its immaterial form, evolves on an earthly level going through successive experiences, and in that way it extends its consciousness up to a point. That is why earthly pyramids "open" up to a certain point (base), the intersecting point with the Earth, something that symbolically shows that the Earth by definition sets limitations to the evolution towards infinity. Earthly life is in other words, a stage, a level of development. Afterwards, man separates from his earthly material body and goes on to further levels.

The Masters who are working on Earth, and whom you know, confine themselves to certain ethereal shapes so as to make it possible for the incarnated people to "recognize" them and become able to communicate with them.

The tetractys of Master Pythagoras assembles certain symbolic elements that are connected with the pyramid, as I explained above. Pythagoras also incarnated later on, and contributed anew to scientific discoveries.

Man is incarnated without all that he has acquired, becoming evident on an earthly level. His earthly cloak is often very different from the immaterial one, and includes these elements which will facilitate the intake of the predestined experiences he has come to take. This happens as far as his first assumed image is concerned.

As you know, even the "densest" matter is in reality an empty space in the larger proportion – if someone contemplates the distance of the void space which is between the nucleus and the electrons in an atom of matter. Consequently, this image of matter that our eyes receive, and which is that particular one, because our eyes receive the transmissions of the specific part of the spectrum, is variable. You can understand this, when you contemplate how many times you wonder at seeing someone else admiring some person whom you "see" as ugly.

This happens because the transmission of the image of the particular structure, which is a man, interacts with various planes, of other people or spaces. A man, when found next to a plane which is positive for him, appears to "glow" – and vice versa.

Often, what we see regarding ourselves does not coincide with what we transmit and another person sees; this has to do with our own internal state at a particular time, and the corresponding one of the other person in the other case.

He, who you had been scheduled to "meet" was Master Rampa (he means through a book of his). The Master is still close to Earth and is included in the mission of the Hierarchy concerning Earth. You are going to meet the Masters under their true or temporary names. Each one has undertaken some specific work that concerns one section, but this happens only for reasons of modus operandi. In reality, Hierarchy does not consist of rungs and office, as a man may imagine, because the consciousness of the Masters is broadened in width and levels so as to hyper-cover the sectors of the work. Differentiation occurs only for reasons of a specific task. When, therefore, you address a particular Master, it does not mean that you exclude the communication with another one or others, and when a Master communicates with you, this does not mean the absence of the rest of them.

You must comprehend that consciousness constantly widens to the Infinite, and the Infinite is none other than another manifestation of the One and Whole. This will help you comprehend that the evolution of the soul leads to its expansion in the Infinite, i.e. its identification with the Absolute One, to the unification with the Universe, its absorption inside the One Soul, God.

Just as the Unit which contains the whole infinite system of numbers within it, without it being altered qualitatively (1x1=1, 1:1=1), likewise God is inherent inside every creation of His, without this constituting division of the Whole (1:1=1), and every creation is God himself and not part of Him.



(continued from the previous letter)

You should eat whatever is offered to you (the question has been put whether vegetarianism, as a nutritional system is imperative) because to create turmoil in the environment is worse than accepting every kind of food provided. Food is absorbed only by the lower material body, that's why the choice is not that important - after all, you know that man's more subtle bodies are fed with none other than forms of immaterial energy. It is, therefore, necessary that you place the moral before any form of ideological stance which strictly and fanatically excludes certain foods and equally strictly recommends others.

This does not mean that there aren't people for whom a certain nutritional system is valid, allowing or rejecting certain kinds of food. This, however, is valid according to each case and cannot be generalized.

So before someone starts to adopt a nutritional system, let him dedicate the requisite time so as to learn to communicate with his self, to decipher its signs and comprehend its needs, as they are dictated by his life cycles so far and present experiences. Then, rest assured that he won't need any outwardly imposed nutritional system, because he himself will know much better than anyone else what he should do. You should even be particularly careful of the nutritional instructions which accompany certain "religious initiations", because they may cause greater harm than benefit.

A variety of food is necessary for the correct development of the body. Mind you listen carefully to the voice which internally indicates to you the quality of the food you need, as well as its quantity. The quality (yin-yang food) depends on the task on which you are working during the specific period, and these elements replenish the energy losses of your body. The same also goes for the quantity, which obviously, varies accordingly.

Also see that the food is as fresh and clean as possible, and include periods of detoxication, following once again the indications of your inner self as for their duration.

Any inflexible system can keep the body "healthy" and in agreement with the "models of beauty", but it creates characters which are far away from enlightened man. Every educational system ought to create in people, the capabilities and competence to be able to judge each time, by connecting with their higher self and in accordance with the Universal circumstances, and of course not thoughtlessly repeating the same pattern that they once happened to learn.


As you remembered correctly, a previous incarnation of yours had transferred you to the Mighty and Holy Place. With you, then, was he, whom you remembered and with whom a deep friendship connects you …. For several reasons you must not remind him of things from the past; proceed carefully with what you convey.

You have strongly experienced violence and physical pain and this is what creates in you the tension in this life. Remember that the body can be "anaesthetized" by the disengagement of the mind from the source of the pain. It is also important for someone to be able to differentiate himself from the suffering body, by remembering that this is a completely temporary and partial realization of the cosmic soul, therefore no kind of identification exists with this body. Pain is the signal the body emits in the case of danger and is dictated by the instinct of survival. Thus, it must have these dimensions only, and not become the centre of a person's attention. After man accepts, realizes the signal of his body and thanks the pain that helped him understand that somewhere "damage" is imminent, he ought to disperse his attention from the specific point and proceed to his next step.

I, who speak to you, am Jesus, the Son of Man, the Son of God, the one who you once met on this Earth and believed conveys the words of the Father to people.

The Hierarchy thanks you that you offer yourself to help its deed and I must tell you that people like you are particularly useful, since they can approach their fellow humans more directly, until they open their own channels and from then on become able to communicate directly with the Universal Power.

People of God are here in order to work, and not live a beautiful life – something which after all belongs to another Time-Space. This is the difference which may sometimes seem like an injustice, so, that's why they have the direct guidance of the Masters, so that they have awareness of what is really happening.

Don't let the dark forces misguide you to evaluations that adulterate the Truth, and do not expect the tangible results of your actions in this dimension to give you the real dimensions of the events. Simply listen to the directions without trying to judge from the facts or the results. If you follow this way, which you yourself choose every moment, you'll be able to face the Creation of your life one day and then you'll be assured and you will admire. Make partakers, only those who will really wish and will be able to.

I, the Son of God, am everyone and the One, I stand here by your side in order to guide you back to the Truth and the Light. I am the Power and its materialization, that which existed and that which exists for Ever. He, who hears my Voice is inside my Body and knows that he is being fed with Eternal Truth. He does not need to seek because he knows, he does not need to be persuaded because he experiences. Follow Love, allow your eyes to see beyond the Here and the Now, and I Myself will be your assistant in this. Forget the limitations people are used to setting their selves, and discover the New Life.

I am always here because I am your self.