June 12, 1996



When some doubt rushes into our minds, it means that our connection with the Plan that exists for us, has been disturbed. Certainly, trying to make a decision right away, leaning towards one or the other side, is not the solution, because very simply it will be the result of chance and not a real choice. First of all, we must try to restore within ourselves the "damage" in our communication network, to calm down, temporarily chase away every pressure and postpone the decision. We'll feel better when we realize that there is nothing that can impose on us to proceed to a particular action or other (spiritual or physical) if we ourselves don't want it. We are absolutely the masters of every moment we live and no external force is capable of forcing us.

By consciously postponing making the next move, we already acquire some calmness and we appease the temporary panic. Prayer, meditation, or any concentration which suits each and every one, is the "repair" of the damage, the restoration of the contact. And again of course, this must not be done with the aim of coming to the decision, because then, being still within the situation, we won't be able to regain the balance and tranquility of our soul. Concentration will bring a result only when its aim is not to find the specific solution, but to bring back our overall inner harmony. After this is accomplished – without of course having determined a "time limit" beforehand – only then are we capable of settling the problem.

Except for big moral issues, the solution can be something different each time, according to the orientation of man's life. That's why it's advisable not to make generalizations, especially oversimplified ones, which do not take the particularity of people and their life patterns into consideration. Only the heart can talk with safety and if you learn to listen to what it is telling you, then you will have a safe guide and counselor for the problems you will encounter. This does not exclude logic processing, which is very helpful, provided it has been directed towards the proper grounding.


Perhaps you have wondered about the different language people speak. You have surely understood that this is a characteristic of the consciousnesses that have not been elevated to a certain level.

When the soul reaches and exceeds this limit, it abandons this configurational particularity and adjusts to a different kind of communication, without structural differences from one man to another. Thinking always functions faster than language, and that is why you may realize that many times you have the intellectual conception of a certain idea before it is expressed in words (vocabulary – syntactic structure).

The same language "imposes" the way of thinking on people of the specific linguistic environment, and this is a characteristic that evaluates the whole nation, but at the same time, the development of the language shows the capacity of the nation to evolve.

The lifting of the limitations imposed by the lingual differentiation leads to the universality of the communication of beings. Just as all the other limitations (space, time, material body, perceptiveness of the senses) are imposed with man's incarnation  in this life cycle, and help him focus his life on the specific experiences he has planned to acquire. Even if he manages to open up, to widen the capacity for the intake of truth, he must not forget that the aim of his life lies only in this particular and delimitated present and it is on this he ought to focus.

The metaphysical quest, as far as the cycle of life on Earth is concerned, must neither replace earthly life, nor be used as an alibi for escaping. Besides, this quest has been entrusted only to specific people, and again with the ultimate aim to be used in order to facilitate life in its earthly frameworks.

O.M. Aivanhov - Hilarion