June 13, 1996



The energy centres with which man functions are the known ones. As long as life exists within the body, all the centres radiate, meaning they are equally active. If certain centres were completely inactive, then we would be talking by definition about a different being. Man's functional structure denotes that he has reached the point of setting all the seven known energy centres in initial functioning.

During life man has the ability to evolve and this means that, potentially, he can reach the conscious transmission of energy up to the sixth centre, since the seventh presupposes the non-existence of the material body. Of course this is a more theoretical potentiality, because in reality evolution is slower.

The unconscious flow of energy to the centres is given for everyone, otherwise incarnation could not occur. In animals, for instance, the three upper centres do not exist, but whichever creature wishes to advance, it can start a next life cycle equipped with one more centre.

As we said, therefore, people are born with the seven energy centres, active. The first is the one that connects them with the earthly thisness, and through which they receive earthly vibrations, while the seventh is the one that connects them with the divine thisness and through which they receive the universal vibrations and unite with their higher self. The second centre is the one that supplies them with the sense of instincts, the third one is the admission point for emotional energy bonds, the fourth is the centre of cosmic love, the fifth is that which radiates and accepts energies of intellectual texture, finally, the sixth, is the centre of insight, of the capability of abolishing the confining earthly dimensions (matter, space, time), of the expansion of receiving and transmitting energy of finer vibrations.

Man, while of course being equipped with the different energy centres, cannot from the start follow their functioning, he often doesn't even know it. The differentiation made as to the developmental stage of people, happens according to which of the centres the functioning has become fully conscious. This needn't have been done in a metaphysical way, i.e. to know the terminology or the description, but it is possible for the fifth centre to have become conscious, for instance, without man having ever heard anything relative: it is the case of a man who experiences real love, offering, sacrifice, he, for whom you say has a "heart of gold". The level of awareness prioritizes the radiation of one or more centers. There are people who are bound by their instincts - so basically they function through the second centre – and suddenly life brings them before an experience of real love - then the fifth centre starts to radiate too. Being pinned down to one centre only, is not necessary for a whole life cycle, without, nevertheless, this being excluded.

Of course, the stimulation of a centre by some specific experience is not enough to speak of a conscious activation of this centre. This kind of activation needs to be repeated many times in order to be able to finalize the conscious functioning, something which often requires many life cycles with the equivalent experiences. These experiences which man himself chooses, can be particularly powerful or of milder tones, this does not accelerate awareness, but can serve other purposes.

The awareness of the centres is, therefore, a lesson for everyone, and gives the distinguishing mark for the delineation of their inner development. At the same, time people that have conquered this (conscious) knowledge, undertake a certain task of offering which is connected, for methodical or distribution reasons, with some specific centre. An enlightened scientist, for instance, has the fifth and sixth centres in conscious hyper-stimulation because through them his work becomes more efficient. Respectively a doctor may have the fourth centre at the first function level, because through it his ability to offer love to his fellow humans is enhanced. In this case the function of a certain centre takes precedence, not because this is indicated by the evolution of the soul, but because it serves the task man has undertaken in the specific incarnation.

The activation of the centres cannot be achieved with intellectual effort, but only by going through the experiences which can stimulate each centre. And in this case the activation is a task "outside man" (the incarnated one). The aim is full awareness and not avoidance. Even the experience of instincts and "low" emotional states is necessary, no step is less necessary in the path of the Son of Man. The evaluation of people, by extension, according to an enhanced functioning of one or several centres is, on the one hand out of place, since nobody can safely distinguish such a thing neither for his fellow-man – nor even perhaps, for his own self – and on the other hand it is unethical, because it serves reasons for personal development or for the undertaking of a specific mission, therefore it is absolutely necessary to be just so.

The energy intake can be enhanced by "healing" in all people, but its transformation and further use and emission depends on the person himself. Therefore, it is possible for you to transfer pure energy to someone, and even to direct it to a particular centre of his, but he may immediately absorb it through a different centre and transform it, so the "healing" cannot be effective as far as its target is concerned. In this case, the responsibility of disorientation lies with the recipient himself, and no one can intervene in this, otherwise they violate free will.

Jesus himself transferred energy to those who were ready to receive it without trying to prevent it from reaching its target. Jesus has intuitively seen Faith in them, meaning letting themselves go in His hands, and that is why he addressed them with the "your faith has saved you". Faith, i.e. the confidence in the Knowledge and Love of the Masters, the resignation from any attempt to intrude and control, enables them to send the energy that is necessary to the appropriate point exactly, through the corresponding centre, and immediately balance any disfunction. The restoration of the energy disfunction apparently also restores its corresponding material manifestations later on, the time needed though for this varies, depending on many parameters. Jesus minimized this time, and his healings were immediately visible on the earthly level as well.   

You should urge the patients to abandon any notion of "taking part" in the restoration of their energy balance, because this may ultimately prevent the stimulation of the necessary centre and the energy can be diffused or transmutated, unless they themselves are capable of "cooperating" in the right direction.

You yourselves can concentrate on your energy centres and enhance them with the inflow of universal energy; you should know, though, that the transformation of this energy, namely the functioning of the centres, is not a matter of an order of the mind, but a result of working on corresponding experiences.

Convey my greetings to my beloved people. Life cycles bring you close chiefly to already familiar and beloved fellow human beings.

Colours materialize energy frequencies. As you know from Physics, the scale of the visible light spectrum for human eyes ranges between red and violet and the colours corresponding to each centre, simply denote the energy vibration in which every centre transforms the energy of white (cosmic) light that it receives. Colours denote levels (qualities) of energy. The colours of the aura, which in reality also show the person's dominant vibration energy level, are reinforced by the chakra's energy emission, that's why the person, who functions with the higher centres, firstly benefits himself, since the quality of the energy he emanates into his environment, affects, “colours” his aura as well. The law of reciprocation of our bright – meaning closer to violet – thoughts is none other than the installation of this quality of light firstly in the space around us (aura), something which then attracts the equivalent qualities from the Universe.

So, constantly send bright thoughts to the world around you and you can be sure that in this way you will permanently and safely live inside the Light.

We'll continue with this, though. I know that you are tired, but I believe the reciprocation will please you.