June 25, 1996


Love is a feeling of wholeness and safety. Whoever loves cannot feel empty, even when he is externally alone, because love is an inner activity, a unity with the entire Universe – and not isolation.

Whoever loves, gives precedence to his interest for the other and not for his self. Love is not weakness; it is power, bravery, inner activation. It is not possible for love to leave us inert and disorientated. We always know what to do, when love is illuminating our way, because this action has crucial features: it does not exhaust us psychologically, i.e. it leaves us more complete than before as regards to the power of our soul, it is not directed toward our self, it does not take into consideration comparisons or levels of reciprocation.

Which man today, though, feels and is concerned with true love?...

We all speak our language strictly and try to modify the other person's ears. We all ask for the satisfaction of our needs and overlook the other person's balance. We all consider as self-evident what we believe and put under judgment the mental and intellectual structure of the other.

But Jesus spoke of another love: the one that turns towards enemies as much as towards friends. An enemy is not of course the one who covets our interests, he is simply trying to harm us. An enemy, is he who causes pain within our soul, without even having such an intention himself - him subconsciously, we call our enemy, even if he technically has the identity of one of our loved ones.

Then, we mobilize all our powers to "defeat" him, to disarm him, strangling love! But we must disidentify love with individuals. Love is the driving force of our self, and without it our soul cannot move towards its deed. The individuals who are next to us must not lead us towards denying our self and our soul, they must not make us escape from love.

Let the others move under their own steam and stay in your own. Do not tie yourselves down by your needs, and lose your identity thinking that this will bring others to reason.

I am here and I am speaking to you in your language, beloved disciple. I know that you doubt our existence. Let our love be your example, and remember that truth exists anyway, for you to find or to ignore. But even if you wish to distance yourself from the truth, choose to stick with what will make you feel better. Then you will be inside the truth and with us, even if you doubt intellectually.

Try to extend your love to those who are weak and need it, and they are the ones who unintentionally, or even selfishly, hurt you. You yourself know, and that is why you are more capable of tolerating what seems like an injustice to you. Those who are humble must not ask for their self. You become humble too, and break away from your self. As tiring as it may seem to you dealing with the problems and obsessions of others, that's what he, who has true love in his heart, does.

Forget whatever detunes you, turn a blind eye to whatever hurts you and learn to essentially forgive. You are excessively preoccupied with trying to protect yourself, but the reality is that this effort makes you suffer more, because you become the prey of suspicion and fear. I will remind you, for as long as you will want to hear me, that God protects you with a bright cloak of blue-green aura, as you saw in your dream (24.6.96), so that nobody can touch you. Restrain your sensitivity, forget penury, cut yourself off from every insecurity that has to do with earthly adversities, because they are only an empty outline and not reality, as you sometimes think.

Turn to D. whenever you need any help or support, because she can understand you like a true mother. Learn to limit your horizon for those who are still unable to adapt to the splendour of your soul. God acknowledges the special effort you make, appreciates your eagerness and surrounds your outbursts with love, which we all wish and hope you will soon control. We shall not occupy ourselves with the future anymore, since this is what you asked for, let us focus then on the present and let us see to it that it becomes worthy of eternity.

The love and appreciation of all of us is with you.

The Masters