July 11, 1996


Now you know that whatever you are going through aims at knowledge. Knowledge is acquired only through experiencing, and this knowledge is what you are called to use later on in your life in order to fulfill the task you have undertaken. God is God of love and does not love tormenting his beloved people. You have been led to the path of offering and your training ought to be equivalent. Your trials are mental and emotional so that you are later able to guide by possessing real knowledge and not just learning. You are especially sensitive in order to receive experiences in their depth, and you are subjected to extreme situations so that you are enriched later with a wide range of events.

Even when you doubt My words or My existence, I cannot intervene, otherwise I will breach the right of your free will, so you must wait for balance before you elaborate on judgments, conclusions or decisions. On the other hand it is nοt possible that you don't experience pain as much as is necessary, because then you would not have gone through the experience totally. This is the reason why you are left in anguish without help, not because I don't hear your plea favourably, nor because you are not worthy of receiving my intervention, but because this is how it must be done for the lesson to be completed and the course of apprenticeship to be shortened. I am always next to you and sympathize with your situation, but you yourself chose My way, and it passes through this kind of exercise.

Don't seek, therefore, the route of "bliss" for the time being, and don't think that each time is the last one.

Unhappiness is not the issue, that's why you simply go through experiences of mental anguish, which, however, are not decisive and catastrophic. You should not, on your part, identify with the periods of crisis, but should disengage and should know that you have just made one more step on the way by My side. You must also bear in mind that the poison is always of a dosage capable of shaking you, but powerless to turn you around.

Your trial period is not predetermined by the Guides and Masters, besides you asked us not to talk about the future anymore. But because I know your desire to be assured, I reveal to you that your future is bright like the full moon during a clear summer night, and transparent like the water of the sea on the seashores of your homeland. After all, how could this not hold good for the people who walk by My side?

That I am always with you occurs in order to prevent anything that is not absolutely necessary for your reaching your destination. Remember that I Myself suffered pain and was dishonoured in order to carry out My deed.

Continue your studies and don't abandon the direction you are in. The right people are around you to strengthen you when you stumble, listen to you and assist you. Take care of your self so that you become worthy of the task of offering to your fellow human beings.

You shouldn't judge people according to their behaviour, because this is something deceptive. A behaviour may be incited by conscious or subconscious reasons, but the main thing is that what you receive is not what really exists. At each time, the incarnated man is essentially only one realization of certain elements of his Self, sometimes he also even bears elements which do not belong to Him permanently, on grounds of expediency. When you feel that a person has got you into trouble, contemplate that in fact this person has become the mirror which reflects a certain pending issue of your soul and in this way he subdues you into the process of realizing it and facing it. Other people do not act towards you, and you must not act towards them either; each one acts only for and towards his self; so you see how useless and foolish it is to get angry with the others.

Don't forget that Love means offering without return, genuine forgiveness and understanding. Do what you must and whoever doesn't, let them be judged for their self. Don't try to change whatever characteristics of others are not right, because such a struggle is arduous and futile. Simply disconnect your self from what hurt you, and fill it with pleasant manifestations of friendship. You do not bear the weight of responsibility for anybody else except your Self. Therefore, come to know it, love it and protect it. Remember your faith and confess it, and the Sky will be clear again for you.