August 11, 1996


Beloved disciple! Your heart is sensitive and your toil great. I know how you feel, I know your thoughts and your words before they are configured, and of course you don't need to explain to me. I also know how difficult it is for a man of the Western world to be convinced by the calls of the Brotherhood and restrain his doubts. I could withdraw my voice and guide you secretly and silently, but my special love for you, keeps me speaking to you whenever you call me. You don't need to ask me to forgive you, because I understand whatever is happening to you, and whoever understands does not need to judge! Everything you have heard is true and living, and very soon the time will come that they will become visible to your eyes too. I know your inclination towards Good, and I assure you that no one will mislead you, because your light is crystal and splendid and protects you. Show patience, do not rush to conclusions because whatever seems to converge may be very far away, while whatever seems to diverge may be very close. My voice will always exist inside you, and your way will be clear and wonderful. Trust my voice, close your ears to the "rational" and let me exist for you and through you. Don't ever forget that there is nothing impossible for the Creator of the Universe. The Masters greet you.