August 26, 1996


You must prepare for the big changes that will start appearing in your life from now on. Keep your physical condition at the highest possible level, see to making a thorough study, and move with daring and decisiveness. It is important not to let time go by unutilized, because the time will come when you rejoice over the pains you have gone to and your commitment.

Follow up any calls you receive, and any roads that open up before you. You won't need to waste time with choices or decisions, because the right people who will be marking out the steps you must follow in, will be found.

Physical fitness is absolutely necessary for someone to be effectual. The sun, the exposure to the wind and the sea transform the body into a solar battery, which "loads" energy and at the same time releases it to a large percentage. It is wiser if someone does not expose himself to the sun, when he has to perform a project that requires all his energy concentration on that same day. That's because the sunlight "forces" the physical body to function as a mirror, emitting as much energy as it collects from the environment, resulting in feeling fatigue and weakness afterwards. Concentration in a shady or dark but at the same time well ventilated place, helps the body inwardly concentrate and store energy, in order to use it, after a short period of time obviously, directing it towards the necessary target.

Be sparing when you reveal the images of your old memory to the people who are not familiar with this idea of reincarnation. Simply prime them to wonder about the wider idea about the world, without them insisting on the curiosity about the past. Whatever you remember has a specific significance especially for your own life.

Remember too that whatever the prophecies mention about your future they create a great re-action in the world of ideas, because they come in opposition to the Law of the Unknown Future and are revealed to you. This re-action creates the seemingly impossible conditions for the fulfillment of these prophecies.

What you see as conditions of the present "seem" to be in total conflict with what you know about the future. In reality, this is the materialization of the thought-forms in their negative, and happens necessarily in order to counterbalance the violation of the Law that keeps the Future unknown to earthly people. By exception the revelation is given to you, because your life is dedicated to the Deed and you must know your destination well and directly. What I just told you explains why it seems "unlikely" to you, as you say, that the prophecies you know be materialized, taking into account the data of the present.

Very soon the indications of a change in the pace of the development of things will start to become visible. Follow what within yourself you feel you want, what pleases you. The feeling of joy and desire, will be your guide, regardless of how difficult or even "improbable" your intellect may be telling you it is. Do not get carried away by fears, because you should know that whatever is to happen, will happen. Don't leave room for doubts, so that they turn around the desire you have for something. Moreover, don't forget that people aren't perfect, and that relationships always have points of non-contact and non-communication. Accept all the emotions that are created within you, but do not judge according to them, because for this reason you constantly sway between your desire and your decision. You are subject to an experience of opposite emotions, learn however not to preserve them beyond their objective time of existence.

I am always with you even when I remain silent. Let your self experience whatever will follow, with full awareness of your way and without any fear. The Power of Light is with you.