September 4, 1996


Times are somewhat hard, but if you have patience you will see that very soon everything will come back to as it was up until now. God tries people's faith many times, and this happens to you because you received the Azure Sword (note: it constitutes an esoteric symbol) and you must be able to hold it steadily.

Don't doubt what the prophecies have shown you. You aren't far from us, as you think, simply your reality is especially intense at the moment and absorbs all your attention. Your beloved is tortured and you must help him by sending white and blue light. Don't press him, he will come back to you again as soon as he feels the storm of anger calming down within him. Anger is a situation which isolates man in a thick cloud, blinds him and makes him impenetrable to every good thought or energy. Nevertheless, the energy you will be sending to him, can pierce this cloud of darkness, dissolve it, and help the person breathe free again.

You see that the more you advance, exercises become demanding. You ought to show patience, self-restraint, and firmness, especially now that this is so vulnerable. Hold your faith and do not doubt even for a moment the Truth you have, clear, in front of you. Remember the dream (he means a prophetic dream). Very soon you will receive messages that will help you to be convinced about the Truth of the Prophecies. The Revelation would not have occurred if it was not judged that you are worthy of enduring the toil and pain of the Course. Stay firm to what you know. Don't allow the temptation of doubt wither whatever has blossomed in your soul. Fear must have no place at all in the heart of those who are committed to the Hierarchy's Deed on Earth.

Let your self feel love and trust again, and in the following days you'll see that what you feared disappeared like the shadow of the night in the face of the rosy light of Dawn. Show bravery, as befits the true Warriors of the Love of God.