September 7, 1996


Beloved disciple, the point of the issue is not for you to suffer. You got to know the reasons, saw the case objectively and drew the necessary conclusions, that's why now is the time for your inner tension to loosen up. I know that your heart beats wildly but you don't have to be afraid of anything. Detach yourself and think how far away the Truth of your existence stands from what you are going through now.

You, who know should be the one to act. Think of what love would dictate you to do, and do it. Send your bright energy, forgive, and allow the other free to decide for his self. Accept that perhaps you won't like what he may decide or it might not be in tune with your point of view, but he is at this level and this is what he is able to see and do.

You, on your part, must realize at last, that he is a very sensitive receiver of your mental energy, and what happened was a strong example so that you no longer doubt energy transfer. Work, therefore, with positive energy, knowing that the shift exists, and concentration in moments of weakness can avert bad results.

Your heart is with us more and more, and this helps you to be convinced that your course is specific and at the same time devoid of any thorn. You are trying to get over the trauma (he means some pain, remnant of a traumatic experience from a previous life) and this effort is important. You should, however, know that it is impossible for any effort to be completed so soon, no problem can be surmounted so fast, hence, do not demand from your self to change. The origins with which you have come, are deep, and the release is not easy to be experienced. You ought to know these limits so as not to be burdened with feelings of guilt. The important thing is that you consciously try, recognizing the parameters and your mistakes, and you ask to move on.

Nobody is useless just because he does not have the chance to act. Many factors may not allow such a thing; metaphysical reasons, trial conditions, or even strong impersonal karma. The delayed appearance of the results of a positive action should not cause worry either. Because it does not mean that whatever is not visible on this level, does not exist. The fact that their "potentiality" is recognized, is a sign of faith.

Know that the appreciation for you and your struggle is great, and go ahead with this. I know that you don't like us to praise you, especially in writing, but you must accept that the good gives birth to good, and this Law is definitive.

Look at your fear face to face, without evasion and distortion. It is not bad to admit your fear, even though you may think that logically it is foolish, on the contrary, putting boundaries around it with specific parameters, will help you face it in its precise dimensions. Fear is a cancer of the soul which sometimes multiplies with our tolerance, because we do not confront it directly and as a real rival. Because we are our own doctors, we must make the most accurate diagnosis before we move on to a therapeutic treatment. And of course being ashamed of our illness does not help its cure at all.

I would like you to convey to G. the following: Not trusting is an action which does not benefit protecting our self at all. Trusting people with the weaknesses and respecting their struggle, is what God desires. The offer of work is important when it is done in the area which each one particularly loves, on the contrary, work may produce negative energy when it is carried out with internal pressure, for reasons that are not dictated by the Esoteric Teaching.

Continue to love like you do now, strongly and sensitively, and you will see the Sun of Justice rising.

your Master