October 31, 1995


You forget…

Let yourself move on without the suggestions of your mind. You are on a good path even if it seems to be the opposite. I insist on telling you to show faith without knowing, being aware that this is very hard on the one hand but miraculous on the other. I am here again to assure you that the way which you doubt, is the right one. Follow it with trust until you see the light.

It is hard for you to believe in something that is not tangible for your senses, nevertheless show the power that is needed now and do not change course.

Zandos and I guide you as clearly as possible, constantly leaving you messages and signs which satisfy your earthly senses. Awaken your conscience all the time and try not to lose contact with the other side.

Do not waste time in doubt and judgment. Do not judge now, work without distractions of the mind and emotions and the time for them will also come.

It is not bad to live in an earthly way, at least in your phase, so do not have any remorse. Anger advances you if you use it in the right way, as a driving force in order to take a step forward. Anger and pain, as well as other negative feelings, have their place so as to show what is going wrong and to awaken. Therefore do not be afraid of any of these emotions because they too exist for the best.

This shiver is the only sense that we share. Let your eyes see me, listen to my voice. In me you can find love, affection, I can help you with anything you ask me, even though I do not have the wisdom of Zandos and the other Masters.


Your guide