September 20, 1996


Beloved disciple, again we find time to communicate, in a pace of life so fast and unanticipatedly changing. Your life follows the predictions, you already feel it, and I believe that the perspective of the course has started to become clear within you. I wish to remind you that fear is not the counsellor you should follow, but the pure and clear desire of the heart, because only the heart can look at the Truth straight in the eyes without becoming blind. Believe that God never leaves his people without signs and without the abundance of His support.

The Master is an immense concentration of energy that has acquired the capability of multiple consciousness. This means that he can be "conversing" simultaneously in many dimensions, "acting" on many levels of life, i.e. he has the capacity to "be present" at the same time and consciously at many different points of the Universe. The energy of a Master, always according to his Deed, expands more and more, until it touches the point of Perfection, of God, of the "omnipresent and all fulfilling" being.                

When you ask to communicate with me, consider that the conversation with one of the students does not mean – like on the earthly plane – exclusive occupation. Man is a very limited consciousness: like a telephone device. The Master, in corresponding terms, is a huge telephone exchange, with full control of communication of all individual devices at the same time.

Man can have awareness of only one of the functions of his higher self each time, and rarely does he experience simultaneous conscience. That is why it is very difficult to realize the extent of the Master's consciousness. The disciple is called on to offer his self as a means of realization of the divine Energy, even if he is not able to understand the process. This hyper-coverage happens when the disciple is capable of exercising such control over his self, so as to render himself a good, becalmed channel. By this I mean that his ego will be well shackled and disarmed, otherwise such a process may turn out to be a disharmonious transmission.

Sometimes, of course, the hyper-coverage happens unbeknown to man, so he himself, since he does not participate consciously, is also safe. This, however, cannot happen often and easily, that is why the conscious participation of the disciple is preferable. Then the energy can be better directed towards the world, without forcing the free will of a particular person.

For you this deed is a choice, and can be accomplished. Now, you certainly understand that the process of the breaking down of your self is among the necessities for the attainment of the hyper - coverage process, which with you, can occur with the ...... I've already spoken to you about it, and there was a person who managed to discern it, although it happened for the first time and imperfectly. When you are able to open your self to the Light totally, then you will be addressing the world. I had told you in the past that the moment will come to explain to you the role of music for the world. Music, through the most natural and perfect organ of vibration, man, becomes the bridge that unites human consciousnesses which are cut off, on the earthly level, with their Creator and Source. Harmony of music carries messages of certainty and hope to the "blind" man, carries him to his "homeland", to the "place" where he comes from and where he will be again, tunes into the vibration of Creation – what your ancient ancestors called "catharsis". You understand, therefore, how important it is for you to clear your self from the previous marks of death, in order to be able to partake of the harmony of Life.

Don't forget that the Creator is the most generous Father. Listen to your heart. No one else can interpret the signs of the Sky for you but your heart. I will be in silence, ask it and you will hear me. Remember that life is here.