September 23, 1996


Beloved disciple, you are very close to the Truth, you have already touched it, that's why your heart should be calm. You will have the signs you ask for, but you will have to carry on seeking and asking. Your agitation stems from the fear, which you cannot beat now because you are still caught up in the emotional charge.

You must also remember that God has appointed that you give birth to your children in pain, and that has a symbolic meaning. Woman-Eve is the soul of man, his creative ability and breath, the spirit that distinguishes him from other stages of creation which do not have the ability to create. And this birth must be given with mental anguish, with labour and spiritual pain.

Man must go through the turmoil and hardship which you too know, in order to culminate in the discovery of wisdom, not an initial discovery, because he already knows, but a discovery through the paths of the oblivion of consciousness. That's why you too are hurting and we know it, but it is the only way God has appointed for his people to return to paradise.

You are brave and follow it, that's why signs are revealed on your way, which may not heal the pain but assure you of the correctness of your choices and thoughts. Have strength and prepare for a pleasant outcome. If time maintains the distance, it means that you have even more to learn before this situation is resolved. So, utilize it, each time it appears, with the knowledge that it will last for just as long as it is exactly needed, for you to reach the conclusion you should.

Don't forget that above all, love is a given and work with this.