October 17, 1996


You had to wait. When you become conscious of the multi-faceted nature of time, you will become sure that living and experiencing has a one-track course only externally, on the surface. The motion of time in the direction that we perceive, is partial, that is why the results of a judgment according to this dimension must also be limited.  You must be able to wait, not with the usual meaning of the word, but the more substantial one: the future in reality is the expanded present, and therefore time does not move in one direction but with the pattern in which a wave expands in water, i.e. in all directions circularly around one starting point, which is the present.

The sequence of the facts may at first seem accidental, but in reality it is about one movement progressively according to the flow of the expansion of the time "wave", i.e. from the centre to the outside. This movement of the conscience makes it all the more capable of understanding that, which a little while before it regarded as inexplicable, because of the limited vision due to the circumstances.

Humanity will discover that the Laws are principles of the Eternal Movement, and that Metaphysics, as they call it, by no means accidentally, is what will be discovered, or rather re-discovered by the science of Physics. The road is one, and the path carved, and the principles have already been incubated in the spirit of the researchers.

But what is now the point of the issue is Ethics, as you also call it.

The world needs to entrust the Truth to those people whose hands are clean. Only one way exists, and this will be opened only to the eyes of those who desire the Good. You asked for the answer about the world which you called unfair, and now you are receiving it. The world exists only for those who love Light and Purity and this world extends beyond where human eyes can see. Each and every soul that wishes this, will become able to experience it, and this is subject to the laws of Absolute Justice, which penetrates everything you know or you don't. However, God provides space for those who do not wish, and this space reflects their desires.

You are able to know that existence recycles in Eternity and extends into Infinity, so do not narrow the horizons. The fighting spirit is that which confirms the degree, the fighting spirit that sacrifices existence before the ideal of Love and Justice. Whatever you say is heard, but this constitutes a responsibility which more and more restricts room for mistakes. Only then is power real, when it is accompanied by knowledge and wisdom, and you can discover this in "nobody is evil of his own free will". Real power presupposes strictness, and not vice versa. He, who is strong, does not fall into errors; the ones that do appear are not punished, they just attest the way. Allow errors to prepare you for the advancement into Love.

You need physical renewal. Your body knows and insists and you can decode; suffice you do not turn a deaf ear.

The soul is healed the more you move away from the limitation of the earthly dimensions and you open yourself to the World. You must trust, but not blindly, the laws that have proved their all-embracing validity. Bravery leads to confrontations and tears down everything fear accumulates as an alleged shield. If you let the light lead you outside the tunnel, you will ascertain that the laws of uncertainty in Physics have their application here as well. After all, the lie is a truth which perhaps was simply not chosen at the specific moment in time.

Your position is consolidated and this fortifies your will. You should remain unseen for all those who cannot see you on their own initiative.

I wouldn't want us to go back on known issues.

Now you can choose, and you already know that this is refuted by itself. Your propositions were already on this road when you had the chance. This leads to the tranquility of harmony and the rhythm of the universe simulates the human pulse.

Wait for the moment when the voice echoes within you. The road will be there without difficulty. The need to make a decision denotes exactly the opposite, that the decision is not obvious.

Do not put yourself in violation of the law of balance on this Earth. Then, your will incites the lower powers towards you, because they are being violated by a will which does not obey them but forces of other worlds. I know, however, that you are not so willing to obey this…

If you let the colours awaken within you, the differences of their vibrations will start to come into sight. You can, however, study them, so as to use them whenever the need arises.

Not everybody's struggle is the same. Personal struggle is necessary for warriors, offering is equally necessary for healers. Suggest the deed of healing (he means to a friend).

I am he, whom you asked to hear, you asked to believe. I'm glad you did not believe (he means a certain period of inner doubt and dispute the recipient of the letter went through), because now you are closer to me. You won't find my name now, you will find it when you demolish my face. I know that I am talking to a free spirit, I know that I am talking to someone who does not want to listen to me in order to hear whatever pleases him. That's why I render my voice to you.