October 24, 1996


Life in nature "strips" man of the clothing of pretences, reconnects him with the source of living energy and clears the energy centres. This, of course, happens when man visits nature with full consciousness and ready to get rid of the layers of impure energy, which he has absorbed by living in the overpopulated and noisy cities.

Silence, on the other hand, helps the rhythm of the mind re-coordinate with the pulse of the universe and reconnect with the ethereal world. The breath of nature oxygenates the blood circulation system and restores every kind of disorder of the nervous system. Colours fill the brain with images, which tame imagination and lead to the path of the real and eternal Life.

In nature man reunites with the world that gave birth to him, finds his identity, touches his past reaching up to the primordial point.

Don't associate nature with those, whom theirs it is not, but are simple visitors. Nature to you is a necessary road. Your heart must silence and submit, because divine orders are stronger than the dictates of earthly experience. Only in absolute silence will you be able to hear the voice you are looking for.

Don't retreat from fear, because the one-sided connection will deprive you of a sensational reality. Discipline of the mind is a duty that disciple must not avoid.

The movement of time is regulated uniformly towards life, in limited space and your course seems to be leading only in the direction of the future. Consciousness, though, is not subject to limitations, like the sea that does not have a direction. The return to the past, just like the transfer to the future, is a shift simply to the periphery of the wave, temporary, nevertheless, and with a limited conscience, since the centre always remains "active" and immovable.

Let time quickly fly ahead, condense the future and you will be relieved of any painful connection.

The Masters