November 11, 1996


Today you received a very important instruction and this is that you must ensure for your self the decision about the situations you experience. This is always feasible even when it seems that nothing is in your jurisdiction. So this is the real meaning of the message you received and not what you thought by misinterpreting.

Your father (note: he has passed away) helps you, especially at this time when you asked for his help. He has intermediated many times to facilitate things for you and the developments are considerably due to his mediation.

The message of independence then, is simple. You ought to claim whatever they deny you, you ought to protect your self and restore it whenever necessary. It is not asked of you to be cruel and unjust, not even to grant justice, since this is being organized by superior cosmic powers; you ought to be your self and to support what you are with double meaning: by knowing its limits, every time conditions try you, and by supporting this whole. Don't be afraid to confront situations, because no power is stronger than the power of your self. Fear is not a good counsellor. On the contrary, it charges us with an accumulation of mistakes, which finally lead more certainly to the result which we wish to avoid.

Decide whatever you wish to happen, whatever you believe will make you happy and move towards it. Even if you ascertain that finally you didn't wish for them as much as you thought you did, you will have acquired the experience of the course and you will have known or, at least, you will have approached closer what you truly desire. (You have come across this before and you have not understood it completely.) You are afraid of "mistakes", as a waste of time and energy, something that it is not. On the contrary, it is an investment of creation.

Man's future is determined by his desires. These are pre-decided, even before the soul acquires earthly dimensions. The course towards their fulfillment is not predetermined, what we people call "future" does not pre-exist as energy. What pre-exists though, is the power that will urge man towards some specific ways, and the ways that lead to the specific result are known. This power is will, desire, and under this context, man's "future" can be detected in his present. This is what astrology can foresee, when the stars, during the moment of arrival in this time-space dimension, describe the desires of the soul that is arriving. Therefore, whatever you have a premonition about, is whatever you desire, as eternal and imperishable souls and the driving force of universal Creativity directs your life towards it. If your level is subject to forces that you do not control, then you are not "free" (as far as the earthly consciousness is concerned) to choose your way. Then, you are subject to specific guidance and you are unaware of the Universe's influences. The more you evolve, however, choices are left to your own initiative, since you are from then on capable of clearly seeing the results of your choices. This immediacy does not mean that you have been abandoned in a course without guidance, but that you can from then on come in contact with the initial plan that has been drawn up for your present life and participate actively in it. Then your desires and your wishes are immediately fulfilled and you can direct the situation without the help of "fate", which is none other than the subconscious guidance of those who are found at a lower level of development.

The capability of choosing the way – the "future" – is given theoretically, but, in practice, because the knower-man is by definition in accordance with his initial desires, in practice it leads him to a life that converges with the predetermined tendencies. This is naturally a result of a decision and not a fatalistic letting go, because in this second case, surprises are shocking: sometimes it is more important for man's responsibility and creativity to be awakened rather than the initial life plan to be followed. This twist may derive either from the surrounding circumstances, when man has fatalistically contented himself, in order to "make" him again realize the necessity to assume responsibility that characterizes him archetypically, or it derives from man himself, when he experiments with how much he can influence things. After he makes sure, from then on he goes along with the initial plan willingly. Going along with it can not be carried out while man has even the slightest doubt about the degree of his influence and the extent of his will's enforcement on matters.

You should know that the role of people is to create and this means to transmute energies, according to their will, from non-conscious into conscious ones. Desire is the concept that produced man himself and it is desire that he serves. Desire is what organizes the structure of man himself so as he receives its materialization. The shrinkage of desires diminishes the powers of man's evolution and pins him down in stagnation. But, because stagnation contravenes human nature, that is why it is not possible for him to be “alive” any more, meaning happy. Withdrawal from the desire for happiness is devitalization that leads one day to the final decomposition of the soul.

Don't face the lack of happiness as a situation, which you ought to bear until "fate" brings you a change. This may apply to certain cases of low evolution, as we said above. For you, lack of happiness means that you have to act immediately in order to restore balance. Starting from the creation of a thought-form, be absolutely certain that there is nothing which is not possible to become realized.

You got to know your strength. Now you must use it the way you wish.


The Master


Beloved disciple, you try your power every day and discover that it is now strong. The more you believe in it, the more it will become strengthened. This means that your contribution is from now on indispensable and your responsibility also great. The voice that you hear comes from people, who fight Evil and Disharmony, who side with Eternal Light. This is not the only force, however. Evil is trying to strengthen itself and its catalytic powers are closing in upon the world. You wished to work with us against this Evil, that is why we are always in contact with you, as well as with other individuals who act for the same purpose. Don't reveal your Deed and be certain that nothing can beat you, no matter how much it may scare you. The meaning you seek is clear, move towards what you know, mainly without fighting against your self. We are constantly present, guides and protectors, and see to it that the way opens and that you see it. For the time being arm your self with knowledge, strength and perspicacity.

The Masters