November 27, 1996


The world is one and a unique image of the same Principle and its Laws are irrefutable and all-embracing. He, who will know the Laws, will know the very Beginning of the Universe. Knowledge is indispensable to a disciple, who does not wish to remain blind. Knowledge is the love for God and whoever is looking for Him must seek it.

Whoever has the Light within him, is the one who attracts the Light and repels Darkness and its forces, that is why it is important for someone to live in that state of brightness, clarity, crystal transparency, so as to mirror these respective elements within himself. Whoever is concerned with disagreeable thoughts, makes the Darkness stop its motion and install itself within him.

Not to fight against your self means to let it choose whatever is the most useful for it each time – and you understand this when you feel content. Allow whatever makes you feel content to exist within yourself, this is the guide for what "must" be for you and do not fight to install an establishment autocratically because reason dictates that it is the most appropriate one. After all, right or wrong does not exist, because your life is conscripted to a specific road which dictates all the partial conditions.

What, therefore, you must do is to escape from the static state of the mind's dependence and proceed to the disengagement, without going against whatever your heart dictates to you. Your heart tells you the truth and it's the heart you must always believe when dilemmas appear. Why are you afraid of the future? You are afraid that the words of your self will prove false, but your self never lies. You must simply accept that the change of position determines the change of truth, which, necessarily, you can survey from a specific position, before leaving this life.

The guidance you ask for is always the voice you hear, your heart's desire. The messages are clear for you, even when you think that you do not want to listen. Your heart is clear, believe it, and trust whatever derives from its desires. Little by little everything you knew is made clear and you will see your life return to where it was, before you provoked everything that happened. Perhaps it seems strange to you, but everything that happened was an interference from your self in the road, which you were chosen to follow.