December 1, 1996


Beloved disciple, your ears find it difficult to hear the truth, but your heart can not deny it. Whatever happened was your own action, your decision. Everything was the result of a whole era of doubts and negative energy you transmitted without realizing it, with a climax the night .…, where the emission was very strong.

You tried to avoid seeing the problem and even now you refuse to accept the truth. And this truth is that your choice must be made. For as long as you do not choose, you remain a prisoner of the unhappiness irresponsibility causes you.

Make your choice, then, let your self free at last. The Birth approaches and the Birth must find you reborn.

You have been trying to intervene all this time with a person whose heart is pure. You ought to know that the guileless heart doesn't wear trimmings nor does it appear adorned. Distance yourself from your self, deny your will, because the companion must love the companion more than his self.

You know what to do. When you reach out your hand, then you are offered the warmth of the soul. When you offer what you would like to take, then your heart is content. Whatever you expect, let it be that which you teach with your life. Leave yourself naked to fear, and only then will you realize that fear is a colourful cloud without substance.

Don't ask. You have known this already from the beginning, but you did not give up. Selfishness takes on familiar and acceptable facets and we must defeat it by looking at our own person.

Return to your country, you beheld the pyramids, but the treasure was where you thought only soil existed. Your apology was heard. Just mind you don't sin again.