December 8, 1996


The contribution of the spiritual man is especially important in the evolution of this world, since the motion is not always pre-decided and the counterbalancing forces are powerful.

It is not necessary for the spiritual man to direct his thought specifically and systematically in one direction in order for it to take effect. Of course, sometimes this happens because there is a certain specific incident that calls for immediate assistance; however, more generally, the emission of luminous energy in all directions is equally important for the surrounding world. In these cases man still radiates even while he is in a situation of conscience resting. This radiation is absorbed by the receivers who accept the specific band of the spectrum of radiation and are always enhanced without the transmitter being aware of it.

That is why it is especially important for the world that you are in a condition of bliss and joy, because in this way you become "transmitters" of divine energy, the one which you enjoy at that moment, being connected with the Highest Source. Your happiness is not a "provocation" as some people are trying to inculcate into you, but a prerequisite for offering. You understand that the belief of forbidden happiness is intentionally consolidated, with the designing and insidious aim to cut people off from the Source of the Light once and for all, by twisting in a devious way even the infallible instinct of man, to want to be always led towards the attainment of happiness.

Many "suspicious" ideologies have tried to load the human mind with remorse and guilt as far as personal bliss is concerned and guide it to twists of the truth, which talk about an allegedly humanistic withdrawal from his happiness in the name of sym-pathy for his neighbour. I assure you, however, that such a withdrawal and emulation of the worst does not help any fellow man who suffers to break free from his pain. On the contrary it deprives him of the helping hand we would offer him if we were in a better situation than him.

Happiness, then, apart from pleasure, also constitutes an obligation because it supplies us with the necessary strength to provide support to all those who struggle and suffer.

The struggle for consolidation of personal bliss is not a selfish effort, but a humanistic offering and service to fellow human beings. Before you begin with what is planned, it is necessary to have ensured what will activate the planes you want to attract. Also, do not forget that we attract whatever resembles us, and a positive field will approach only a corresponding positive one. Normalization achieves harmony, whereas antithesis the cessation of functioning. Harmony, naturally, does not presuppose resemblance, resemblance presupposes imitation and such a thing does not correspond to the Great Laws of the Universe. Everything in the Universe is unique and unrepeatable and as such it establishes a priceless value. All these unique elements co-unite in a perfect harmonic movement, which protects its Life by isolating the disharmonic elements, meaning those which oppose with cooperation or imitate the genuine and try to copy it, renouncing the responsibility of uniqueness.

Remember moreover that the contribution of spiritual people is invaluable, even if their power in this specific world seems non-existent or, at least, weak. This happens because you, people, have limited overview of the world and you only take the things you realize with the senses into consideration. Spiritual man has intense activity on levels higher than the perceptibility of your senses and its results, often become visible with much difficulty. However, the powers which are activated in other dimensions are very powerful and you ought to respect them, even if it is impossible to perceive either them or their results.

This is the true meaning of life, beloved disciple, and do not seek it in places where you have perception, because most of the time it is not visible. You have, on the other hand, already tried enforcement over matter and you know that the more the power of the conscience increases, the more the obedience of matter intensifies.

I think that the answers to the questions you posed are enough to keep you in this life. I also know that very soon you will love this life because you will see it offering you room to manifest whatever you wanted and furthermore because it will bring you close to some people you love. Then you will realize for good and all that you can carry the bliss of the ethereal to the earthly life and this will also set an example for those around you. This was the gift of Birth and Resurrection, the unification of the earthly time with the cosmic time-less. The road to deification also exists in the very world you live in. If you achieve its discovery, you will not need to leave again in order to encounter it, you will install it in your world and transmutate every disharmony into movement of Life.

Do try, beloved. This life of yours is not a coercion; it is an offering of assistance to the lower levels of life. Transform the barren ground into fertile. I am with you too, together with all those who call my name, I sympathize with you and help every effort, because cosmic Life will never function properly as long as even a small part of the total, lives in disharmony.

Do whatever you know. You already know a large part of the Truth. When directed thinking tires you, let yourself connect with my Body, while the mind is resting, and then the offering will be equally important because I will be the one acting.

Within you a new life starts to live, which will very soon appear, as you know, in matter. Days of joy await you. Advance on the path of Bliss without qualms and fears. I always belong to your self.