December 28, 1996


Love is what moves your heart. Don't chase it away. Because love is the life, the food of the soul and the more you seek it, the more it is installed within you and fills you with light. Love is the meaning behind every word and talks in silence, where you think you hearken to nothing.

Stay within love no matter how much pain makes you want to escape. If you listen to your heart, it will tell you that this pain is the birth of a new life, is the meaning you do not find, wherever else you may search. Pain is the blessing of new life, of Birth, of Creation. However much you may suffer, your heart knows that pain will be nothing but a faint memory when the miracle of New Life has been configured into your life. And the miracle is put into motion by love, that which is not subjugated by fears and the commands of emulation.

Don't listen to the "must" because it leads you astray to where your heart does not desire. Forget the fears, which derive from the fears of others, because your life belongs to you and the Universe wishes to help you build it the way you have dreamt. Use dream then as a guide, and while you are on your wanderings remember that there are beacons that remind you of your initial dream. Beacons are what you see around you and while they exist for everyone, they talk only to you. Because the signs are the words of the Angels.

Follow your voice and don't try to guide it. It guides you correctly to the right deeds, the right places and the right people. And it knows those who love it; those are who it wants with it and they are the ones who want to be present where it manifests itself.

The Universe never makes a mistake and never guides in directions which are n ο t those that lead to the Dream. As long as you trust the Universe, you will be certain that you walk the path that will lead you where you wish. Don't stop when night encircles you; it is only one night and morning will dawn in a while. Night also helps you learn to trust your feet while your eyes cannot check the way. Night also helps you learn that you must not move all the time, because in life you do not constantly have the same rhythm. And moreover, that you must not trust only what you see, because the eyes see as much as the light allows them to. Remember, therefore, that you see what the Light permits you to see, but you must also trust what the Night temporarily hides from your eyes.

Evil does not exist anywhere in reality. Fear creates hallucinations which nestle agreeably in the Night, and people are misled into connecting hallucinations and ghosts with the Night. The truth, though, is that whatever is not visible exists exactly where it was, when it was visible. Β ecause the invisible is present and real for all those who know the places.

I'm glad you suffer for love because the heart that does not suffer is dead. I'm glad you are always with me, because he, who loves the Created, loves the Creator as well. And he, who seeks the solution, will find it. Don't forget that everything you have conquered is yours for ever, because you unite with it on a cosmic level.