January 2, 1997


Beloved disciple, you are surrounded by people who cooperate in the spiritual deed of the Hierarchy, and who can help you and protect you from every manifestation of negative emanation of energy. Man, no matter how advanced he may be, is always subject to the vibrations of impersonal karma, and if he is sensitive, he is strongly influenced by them. That is why one must avoid being exposed to such fields when he knows that his sensors, his receptors are particularly sensitive. Besides, this is the role played by fellow men who act as protective screens around the field of the specific man.

Don't worry then. Your protection is being provided for. Move in the space you have girded, with the certainty of safety. The messages are promising for the following period, exactly as the signs of the beginning of the new year told you.

The signs come to ensure the correct orientation for people, when the darkness of the night has covered the sun of inner will. As long as this sun shines, then everything is clear and transparent and man can choose his way without doubt, according to the desire of his conscience. But there are moments when conscience sinks into the night, the road is covered by opacity and then man calls his higher self, who has the capability of wider vision, to guide him in order to avoid the reefs. The answer of the higher conscience which is attuned to the Harmony of the Universe is expressed with coincidences and phenomena of the Universe and is interpreted by the conscience with a specific meaning. In reality then, the soul has been connected to the higher level of Harmony and has restored the cooperation with the rhythms of the World – that is why the signs are always external phenomena of the conscience, meaning expressions of the (external) World. The signs do not substitute choice because something like that would refute the law of free will and desire which moves the thread of man's life. Signs simply connect man with his prior decision, reveal in front of him again his pre-existing desire, harmonize him with the higher vibrations of his very self.

Signs are phenomena of the external environment that man chooses to notice after internal and invisible prompting of his (higher) self – like a ring which we put on in order to remind us of something.

Dreams are also signs that our self projects before our eyes, as long as conscience is set free from the influence of the mind. The interference of the mind hinders the reception of messages sent by other people or by our own self; these messages remain re-deciphered in the subconscious until they find a proper time to appear. The proper time is sleep, when conscience is harmonized with its Source and the mind silences. Then all the messengers who waited in the waiting room of our soul appear, in order to announce the cosmic messages to us.

So, don't confuse dreams with the future. Future is a chain of choices which constantly open new roads, which man can follow. See the future as a present that has already begun, as a path which since we started it, will lead us to a specific destination. Human souls usually have the tendency to complete the courses they choose. That's why the future is "anticipated" as the natural continuation of the start that has been made. But don't face this as a coercive commitment to a future predestined by someone else; it is the course, which the soul chooses for its self, that passes through specific roads. It's just that each road has a known and predetermined direction and if you choose it you will pass through the stop off points predetermined for this road. Naturally, there is always the possibility of returning before the end of the road and this makes the road something not definitively predictable, as I have already told you.

The signs, therefore, for the new year are in reality your own decisions and not some invisible cooperation of the environment, which did not take you into consideration or decided on your behalf.

Responsibility devolves exclusively upon the specific entity concerning the way it follows. You can liken it to an actor who is free to choose the part he wants, but after his choice he is "bound" by the specific script, at least as far as the external, the shape-like part is concerned; because, the interpretation, the internal part, is what he will offer, his personal presentation, the work he will release for the World.

Your conscience knows all this already, that's why I won't repeat to you that the choice of your way is a factum. Now see to your own interpretation, your own creation. The transformation of energy, that I've told you about on a previous occasion, is exactly this "interpretation of a role", the manifestation of uniqueness along predetermined roads. He, who manages to distinguish the capacity for creation, personal and free, from within patterns externally rigid and determined, will be the one who became capable of expressing God in the World.

You must become aware of the weight of the choice. Don't refuse its responsibility and joy. Fear is the reverse force of repressing creation, by suspending choice, which is the propulsive force of life. In that way fear specifies the power of death. Death is the situation of the deadened stagnation when the ability of choice, which continues Life, has been weakened. So, there exist no wrong or right choices: the assumption of the responsibility of each road leads to life, to the preservation of the Universe's Eternal Movement. Chase away fear, that holds you prisoners, and advance in the road of Life, with courageous decisions that lead to motion. Lay down your interpretation in every new role of life without models which determine the alleged right or wrong, because right and wrong do not exist. There exists the uniqueness that is expressed through every being.

I'm glad you are smiling. I love you too.

Master Jesus