November 7, 1995


God is love. Strictness is earthly and it is the love of God. Do not turn yourself off because punishment is always a gift of the love of God. Appear strong in all instances, even if retreat seems to be bringing benefits. No profit is acceptable, when it is the product of cowardice. Show love towards the other's pain, forgetting your own selfishness. Let your love be patient, compliant and compassionate. When you are the strong one you must behave with more acquiescence in order to help others. Do not forget that the problems of your fellow beings are your exercises as well. Do not compete with someone in pain, do not antagonize his unjust words when you try to heal him. Do not abandon him or when faced with his pain, withdraw in a cowardly fashion. Pain that is shared is a blessing of God.

You asked to heal and acquired the responsibility of your wish.

The role of the healer is a blessing to his fellow men, but a difficulty to himself. Pain makes people cruel and unjust, and the work of the healer also lies in closing his ears to the words of pain and accepting with good grace what they ascribe to him, because they are without substance. He must continue when the patient loses his courage, must not get lured by the Sirens of temporary pity, he must be strong and determined to heal in the name of God.

Let him not claim the work for himself, let him be just the instrument of the will of God, accepting the result judged by His wisdom. No one can influence the course that has been predetermined, therefore let him not wish it out of vanity. Let him not try to interfere either with his spirit or with his body in the work of God.

You have got to heal and your responsibility is great. You cured the illness of the body, now in the same way heal the illness of the soul. Do not emotionally participate and do not involve yourself in it; you are called on to be absolutely logical and composed, sober from emotional insecurities, like a surgeon at the operating table.

Let yourself be assisted by the workers of God, do not ask for the help of people who cannot see farther than you do.

You yourself set the stages which your soul goes through, and the exercises come according to them. The responsibility for the others is huge, therefore you are obliged to be a lot more careful. The universe entrusts you with lives and there is no room for error here. Don't lose contact with the Masters. Keep your body and spirit clear. Don't be afraid. Trust the Power you know. Love is capable of working miracles, so let your love guide you, and not other intentions of imposing, of "victory" over the other, of competition. Guide your light towards the suffering one and share the blessing of God.

The universe trusts you. God trusts you, that is why your deed must be divine. Do not talk about it to people who do not know. Keep silent in order to find answers in God's words, and not in people's. Feel trust in the road you follow, wrap yourself in a shield of impenetrable light, draw the circle of theurgy around yourself, and trust your guide.

Everything will be fine. Nothing can threaten you if you go along with the Power of Good. Close your ears to the Sirens.

Be strong, no matter what.

May the blessing from all of us protect your work.