January 23, 1997


Beloved disciple, you have justifiable queries about life, and they will not be able to be satisfied, since the knowledge a man is capable of having, is very limited in relation to the Laws of the Universe.

In an erotic relationship every person shows his archetypal imprint, where it appears without control, without modifications and interventions, without it being able to conceal or "prettify" itself. And the other person who participates in this relationship sees and decodes this precise imprint which he has inscribed in his subconscious before he was incarnated and this makes him seek the corresponding person. So, external beauty or any other quality is not the one that attracts people in a sexual relationship, but their energy identity.

Therefore, if you worry about how you may "seem" to someone, you should think that what he "sees" is your energy emission, the imprint of your energy, and not the body or any other special characteristic. After all, one should not identify with the body, because the body is something he borrows from the lower material levels for a certain period of time, and this obviously neither belongs to him, nor is eternally his. If we return to some old example, we see that every "role" requires a certain physical type, and when man is incarnated he materializes exactly this form which will help his specific mission, and will make him recognizable to exactly those he should be.

The important thing is for someone not to fight against his self, not to try to "outdo" it, but to come to know it and after that to cooperate with it, in order to achieve the best possible result. Unfortunately, people spend many efforts and exertion in "changing", without realizing that the specific materialized form has a reason for existence; to contribute to the accomplishment of our life here, and that, if they consumed the equivalent energy in developing what they have, without identifying, then they would accomplish much greater happiness. Besides, they should also take into consideration that the present incarnation, which they perceive as final and eternal, in reality constitutes a simple "passing" through a space, for specific reasons, in an "instant" of Eternal Time.

Lives in these specific circumstances are limited to a number known to you. The possibilities of condensing the necessary experiences are really great and people, if they wish, can advance to a subsequent stage of development. This certainly explains many of the "injustices" people consider happening in a man's life. As I have said before, the way is not predetermined as a choice, but the crossroads through which one will pass, are. The choices will form a final course – this happens with the "formation" of the body as well, man's material image: the main characteristics are predetermined as necessary road signs, but the final formation is achieved after man's successive choices and his ways of handling things. Everything, in any case, serves the general Life Plan, and that is something which the sooner people realize it, the better they will be able to direct their life in the right direction.

The course in life is a course of convergence and unity, and precisely for this reason sexual intercourse is so important in each person's life, because it reminds him of the most essential reason for his existence. During his course man assimilates other energies, im-personal ones from the environment, or even personal ones, i.e. entities which resemble his nature, without them being on the same level as him so as to have an autonomous existence, and in that way he unites in a constantly more expanded existence. This goes on also after the transition from this lives' cycle to the next, where human souls, depending on the people they have loved, unite into more powerful bodies with widened consciousness, condensed power and expanded action. This is something that must not become known yet, because people are not yet able to comprehend the evolutionary course of the Universe.

Ρeople ought to understand the necessity of change and not insist on consolidating psychological states or external ones, because this opposes the flow of universal energy, which is none other than difference of potential. Just like difference of potential in Physics is responsible for the flow of electric current, likewise in Meta-physics it leads to the motion of cosmic energies.

People often have the desire to stop life and they confuse this stopping with Eternity: they wish to continue having something unchangeably and irrevocably for Ever and Ever or be in some way forever – as it seems to them that they are satisfied – and they don't understand that the Laws of Eternity are far from related to stagnation. On the other hand, a situation that satisfies them under given circumstances will not continue to be judged the same under other circumstances – unless they are ambitious to stop the whole Universe! – and something like that is certainly identified with death. Beyond every change, though, there exists exactly the same situation of Supreme Tranquility, which throughout every motion ensures the sense of the One, the Eternal, the Timeless.

Try to go along with the eternal Principles, and be ambitious not to maintain happiness – as a feeling – for ever, because something like that, apart from unfeasible, is futile and harmful since it means immobility=death, but the certainty of disidentification with any feeling, to experience them with a-pathy, being the final desire, on an essential level. Remember that the Whole must not be confused and identified with the Partial. This often happens when, for instance, an action tarnishes within us the general image of a person, or when an unfortunate moment of an imperfect condition of the appearance is capable of characterizing a person altogether.

The generalization of the partial and the transitory can lead to greatly going astray, because it gives weight to a conclusion that is not based on catholicity. For man to learn to distinguish the transitory from the permanent, the secondary from the primary is an internal virtue which is ensured by sober judgment, patience, right thinking. For someone to attribute "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's", it is necessary for his evolution on the way of Cosmic Harmony.

Live the Joy of Creation together with its Creator. Forget death, because the voice of Life is now echoing in your ears. Τrust the Deed that is created by its Self. Beloved disciple, hear within you the new which is coming. When it speaks to you, do not refuse it, because your field remained unsown in order to receive this seed. Now its Farmer knows it and is preparing. When the time comes, the road will be open. You know whatever the subconscious also knows. Go in joy.


Masters Zandos, Jesus