January 24, 1997


Fear is an emotion which aims at immobilization. A healthy warning from the body for some justified reason does not stem man's course, but it simply calls upon him to be more careful during its term. On the contrary, fear imposes withdrawal from the course, its discontinuation.

When man feels fear, he usually feels inability as well, lack of confidence in his self and others and the need to avoid responsibility. The most important element is that the lack of confidence has no real basis, but is founded on some subsidiary events, which suddenly acquire a special and determinative meaning.

For as long as someone knows his self and the causality of the Universe, he understands that nothing that is happening, is accidental and in vain and without fail, wherever there is inner setting in order, there the external path is revealed.

The most important factor, though, that differentiates fear from a healthy reaction for protection, is that the former is based on the distortion of reality, excess inflation of negative emotions and inner turmoil. On the contrary, the warning is assaulted by objective perception of reality and is manifested with emotional calmness and inner tranquility and balance. Even if reality indeed calls forth a need for attention, we understand that we have fallen into a state of fear when we feel bad, irritable or even panic stricken and we are disposed to suspending every activity. Then certain subsidiary situations are dramatized, since they take huge dimensions, issues, which on their own do not carry such importance. Man feels totally incapable of facing them and his will and desire to activate himself in a certain direction, fades.

Fear is faced as long as man breaks up the issue, which causes him the fear, into sub-divisions. In that way, he can find solutions for the actual problems and their confrontation will by itself abolish fear. Beyond taking action, however, he must see to balancing his emotional condition and restoring the calmness and tranquility, which will enable him to face any external - real - problem.

The Masters