February 21, 1997


You should be pleased, beloved disciple, because you see the results of love around you. Don't self-doubt, don't evaluate your self because your judgment cannot be formed when the knowledge is not accurate and complete. Not everybody can have the same power, this is natural, and it does not correspond to the mental level or the level of the soul of each person, but to the chapter of life he is going through.

It's time you realized the importance of inner power.  

Power is the ability to converge the interspersed forces, which exist all around in nature, in a specific direction and activate them towards some specific purpose. The personal consumption is intense, that is why you must be connected to the Source in order to bear the weight of this action. This in fact is the distinctive characteristic: when the action is in accordance with the Plan, then the connection is made automatically and the deed is completed; when the action contravenes the Plan, then connection is not successful, therefore the whole effort of the person who acts fails. In this way, you understand that everything that was not accomplished, was different from what ought to have been done. So, your power is not negated, which in any case has been bestowed on you by God himself and you ought to consider it present beyond any doubt.

This power, which in the present phase functions on a trial basis for you, has a specific reason for existence; but you still do not know the real destination. Little by little you are becoming assured, and when it is needed for you to set it forth, then you will know the truth and live together with it. I must remind you that the decision is only yours, this cannot change. You must be able and know how to make decisions, support your desires and your self, because your self is the total sum of your desires. For as long as you go against your self, sorrow will dwell within you, because unity always brings harmony. Desire should not be judged and evaluated because it is an order from the heart, and when the heart is clear then its voice is also clear. The heart is clear when it does not feel fear, when it can be honest, when it knows how to give without asking, when it forgets itself and lives within the other. For as long as the heart listens to the Words, even if it is not persuaded temporarily or does not follow and strays, it is a clear heart and it deserves Love.

Pray for whoever needs it. I am waiting for you in Nature which you love so much. You will hear me passing through the leaves of the snowy trees, you will find my footsteps on the snowy slopes, my breath will reach you through the cold wind.