March 2, 1997


You're asking what the law is, that leads people to decide to bind their life next to one another. This law is the law of Harmony. They come in order to experience the relationship from this facet as well, and after they have completed the cycle of the various types of relationships and comprehend and overcome all types of problems which they may encounter as incarnated people, then they can unite on a higher level and function as a unit. The "and the two shall become one flesh" bears significance beyond the one people ascribe to it, and gives a hint of the next stage which follows when people of the earthly dimension pass to another level of existence.

The sacrament of matrimony is so important technically too for the official religion and the social institutions as much as for the people, as imposed by their inner voice, instinct, because it symbolizes and subconsciously reminds people of their ulterior aim. Universal sacraments are inscribed in the subconscious and appear in people's life even if they do not comprehend the reason for their existence according to earthly data.

People, who get married, experience the specific side of their relationship, pieces of which they have already experienced in previous lives, meaning other types of relationships. The relationship of a couple is the antechamber where an existing relationship is being judged, and if it succeeds, then the companions proceed to the real Union, the common Life, the perfect Co-living. The reason why certain established religions or Systems do not permit earthly separation is because they do not consider that there can be any margin for failure, but the companions ought to proceed to the completion of their Union. This is the metaphysical reason hidden behind the prohibition of separation as well, in other words of "unfaithfulness".

It is obvious of course that no earthly activity can constitute the basis for such a relationship, so don't seek such proof. It is about a drawing near purely energy wise, and that's why it remains inexplicable to people.

Master Zandos