March 8, 1997


There are many people willing to offer every single moment, and to them you should address yourself when you ask for something, and not those who cannot or do not want to offer you whatever you ask at that specific moment. This is the biggest mistake that occurs in human relationships: we ask from the one we, ourselves have chosen, without having thought whether he is offering himself at that moment, instead of looking for the true offers that always exist around us. This happens because we assign roles to people with air-tight and fixed duties in our minds. In that way the role comes to the point of determining our demands from the man and not his real capabilities.

The mistake pertaining to us is that we connect a certain specific enjoyable activity or simple mood with only one person, and we ask exclusively from that one, to cover our need. We must know that nothing depends exclusively on one person or thing only, and feel free to seek elsewhere whatever the "source", which we initially addressed, temporarily denies us.

This helps us to neither oppress other people nor our self who may possibly have demands because our needs are real. Let's relieve the congestion of pressing dependence in our minds, and let's engage ourselves in discovering creative ways to please our self with the certainty that the sources being offered to us are many and abundant. It is suffice to experience this certainty within ourselves, to deny the syndrome of deprivation, which fear implants in our minds. Then, we will become capable of restoring in our heart all the people who love us, but follow different courses, and want us next to them in order to share with us common as well as their separate experiences.


Whatever happens to you, you must know that it is not at all accidental. Through this you undergo the necessary experiences for your evolution in the Order of the White Brotherhood. That's why the specific cases seem different to the world around you than they are to you. Within yourself the voice of the Master guides you to paths hidden from the majority of people and to evaluations different from whatever is in effect in social life. You must firstly level your selfishness, by learning not to ask - something you already know since the beginning of this work. This is not easy, because you have not yet realized the right way to appease your needs. For this reason, the situation is repeated and tiring for you.

You must also distinguish fear from the feeling of turmoil that you feel because the difficulty has not been resolved. When you actually achieve to overcome it, it's something that cannot be predicted. But in the meantime, you should welcome every repetition that leads you to success. So forget everything that distorts the essence of spiritual exercise, everything that moves beyond the truth.

The Universe expects your reply, which must be conscious and mature. Don't project, though, your own moods to the other by naming them his, because this disorientates you from getting to know him for good and all. Wait until dawn, and turn your face towards him with a clear gaze.