April 13, 1997


Apathy is a state that most people identify with heartlessness. Apathy is, on the contrary, a mental state of full vigilance and sensitivity, conscious sym-pathy, but at the same time a state of disidentifying with those issues that block the mind and the body. In other words, for someone to be apathetic means that he actively participates in the earthly scenarios of life which unfold around him or within him too and he invests thought and emotion in them, but at the same time he recognizes their temporary nature. So, apathy protects him from the corrosion of the core of his existence, and makes him realize that he belongs to eternity, while what suffers, is his material side, the one he borrowed from the material universe, in order to build the "temple of his soul", the organ which will materialize the melody of his spirit in the specific life.

Therefore, be careful of all those who use apathy in order to legitimize heartlessness. Apathy works even subconsciously for those who believe in Eternal Life, whenever they are in some phases embroiled in earthly turmoil. Don't seek it, then, because it acts even without your order as a safety valve, which protects the soul from panic. Don't be afraid to experience deeply whatever comes up on your way, because then you will have used your earthly thisness correctly and fully.

The main thing is for you to be in unity with your self. Unity means awareness. Therefore, the more you go against your wishes, the more the split progresses. You should check what urges you each time and recognize when it is the voice of your self and when it is fear.

This is something you know by now. That's why you are not going to have some external answer of course, because you yourself are called on to decide on what you wish and need. You asked me for the opportunity and here it is. Now follow what you want, without the censorship of social mind and without inhibitions, because the barriers you set up do not belong to the Eternal Laws, but are hidden fears.

The body is not subject to laws inviolable and common to everybody. This means that you must neither overestimate its presence, nor protect it excessively, but use it to such an extent so as to advance the matters of the soul. A garment which is not worn out does not necessarily mean a provident person, but often an inert and cowardly owner. Therefore, use your body in accord with your immaterial self and for its own sake. You will mainly have to recognize the direction in which the river flows, and not move reversely, because the time will not be sufficient and the deed will not be accomplished. So, don't fight against your self, do not try to impose on it characteristics which do not belong to it, because this disorientates you more than what you are afraid you must not do "because they are not right". You must go along together with your self and support it.

The love towards our self does not mean acceptance of our fears but acceptance of our desires. Criticizing your efforts and diminishing your value is not conducive to the demolishing of selfishness. If something displeases you about your self, you must neither consume yourself in evaluations and guilt, nor in the effort to stop it displeasing you and to accept it axiomatically. Move creatively and act in the direction of its change and its replacement with something that would satisfy you. God has assigned to you your field full of thorns and stones, and you must not accept it – something that most of the time is a disguised fear – but work in order to make it fertile and beautiful. After all, real love is a power of transforming everything, and not the pinning down on one level and the preservation of a form, even when this is given by God. God embodies the capability of its evolution in every form, and man, moving out of love and working patiently, is called on to develop it.

Therefore, do not fear changes. Just examine your motives, sanctify them, purify your dreams and entrust the continuation to your Holy Collaborators. You should also know that the decision, whatever it is, concerns only your self, so do not charge anybody else with its responsibility.

I trust you. I know that your work was always careful. Besides, remember that everything we do, we do because we feel the need and not in order to have some specific result, determined by our mind. Anyway, the result does not exist, at least as far as we, being inside the form of life, can judge. No matter how much we postpone the judgment of the result of an action of ours into the future, when the time comes for the future to become present, the "result" will escape us, because it will again be a fleeting moment in progress. The future will always be ahead for as long as earthly life lasts, and as far as the future expands no result can be judged conclusively. So don't struggle and do not agonize over the result. Life is constant motion, where you should advance by following desire and not teleological aims.

When you seek the value of your self, seek my Body. It is there that you will find the hidden dimension. Remember also that the leveling of your self means idleness of creation and deadening, and under the veneer of the elimination of selfishness, dark forces interfere with your task. Then, I will be by your side in order to resurrect you, defeating death one more time.