April 16, 1997


When you seek to escape from this life, it is as if you refuse the task you have undertaken to carry out. At that moment you identify the present with eternity, and deny Eternity in favour of the moment.

The human mind does not conceive time in its correct dimensions and distorts it by projecting attempered dimensions in a limited time-space instant. The more consciousness grows, man can expand the perception of time-space, and then he can oversee what the earthly man is not capable of understanding, because the mind, like the senses, functions within certain natural limits, beyond which, for it, there is only void.

In this phase, the connection with the "wider" conscience-wise self gives the correct sense for the truth, by way of "instinct" or "intuition", meaning with a code inexplicable to man. Yet, this sense is the right direction, because it carries messages from the wider conscience.

Miracles can be, in corresponding cases, firstly the capacity for the conception of the oncoming through the connection with the higher self, who has complete overview of time-space, and after that, intervention in the powers which act in the present and the change of their course, together with acceleration of earthly time.

Any interference in earthly matters must be carried out only with divine command, which means resignation of the human personality and individuality in the specific moment, and man's transubstantiation into a pure channel of the divine Power. The distortion of time-space co-ordinates is a task of utmost responsibility, and precisely for this reason man must withdraw every selfish motive which can set similar procedures into motion.

I defeated death in people's thinking, reminding them of the way of Eternity. Death is in effect only for those who avoid the trial of life seven times. Then, they are transmuted and fall to the primary stages of life, because they did not manage to gather the constructional materials to build a body of light within themselves. This decomposition they undergo, takes away their consciousness, which they may reacquire if they come to love life in their new course. Synthesis is the distinguishing mark of the stages of development. Synthesis, in other worlds clustering, is the convergence of powers of the impersonal Universe around a centre of "volition" or "will", as you know it, which constantly expands, uniting itself with other like elements. The degree of evolution determines the consciousness of this initial centre-pole as well, which from one point onwards acquires an autonomous existence of its own free will, self-propelling into space-time. That is why volition is such a sacred and inviolate characteristic, because it constitutes the primary structural characteristic of this core, which is also the threshold of creation. Love is the power that moves the process of constant clustering and widening of the centre into one body that tends towards infinity, to God. Love, omnipresent, reminds us of the way of Unification, of Life, it separates us from the decomposition to which we are led by splitting, death.

When I appeared on Earth, the death of the Soul was the way for the people. The new Age, which lies ahead of you, will open up wider horizons to Eternity, which will be justified by the convergence of knowledge, insight and awareness.

The Farmer knows the field where he will plant the new fruit, and prepares his self by opening it to the purging of the divine Light. The field is moistened by the storms, covered by the hard snow and preyed on by the wild winds, to purify the soil where the fruit of Aquarius will sprout. The new tree will take root as soon as the fifth moon waxes, when the red Sun emerges on the horizon.

Aquarius will be the new king of the Lions that will defeat again death, as known by modern man. If you remember my image, you will recognize my gaze in the eyes you have seen.

My love guides you on the way that was chosen for you, and no fear should prevent you from feeling that you live in my Body.