April 16, 1997


The time is nearing when the powerful will fall and the humble will rise. The earthly reign of selfishness and lies will crumble to dust, while the frightened stares of the powerful in matter will be filled with terror about the oncoming.

Aquarius will squash scorpio and will destroy its poison. Only the Truth will be reflected in eyes from then on, there the signal of recognition of God's beloved people will be. From there the power that will direct the World towards its Beginning will flow.

I will be repeated and He will step on the footsteps of my earthly years, but the loss will not wear down the masters, because the way of the abolition of dimensions will have been opened for them.

The undertaking of responsibility will help the tranquil and meek to find the right way, and not intimidation. The terror of Revelation will be only for those who will be compelled to reveal the annihilation of the Self. They will be separated from Life and myself.

The soul is not sanctified by deeds of the body but by deeds of the soul.

Blessed be the name of the collaborators who will open the way to Aquarius. Because he is I and you and the bright Body of the beloved ones. Selfishness exists only for those who hate the I through the hate for the You. Your course is where the Sun illuminates without shadow.